Thursday, September 21, 2006

6:30AM - Concord Community Park.
We spent the nite in an industrial area nearby the CostCo store. Before dawn, MsTioga moved to Concord Community Park. This park is one of our favorites. We stay far enough from streets so that it is pretty quiet. We love the quiet.

Today is a special day. It is son David's birthday. The plan is to bake a birthday cake using David's kitchen. The cake is going to be chocolate and will be covered with chocolate frosting. It has been a long time since I have made a cake. I could buy a cake, but it is much more fun to bake one, don't you think?

11AM - Where to bake David's cake?
We were heading over to son David's home to bake his birthday cake. And then MsTioga asked, “Why are you baking in David's kitchen? Is there something wrong with my kitchen?

It turned out, that nobody knew why we were not using MsTioga's wonderful kitchen. Her kitchen has everything. A mixer, bowls, baking pans. So, we decided to make David's birthday cake right here in our own home.

We made an Afternoon Camp in Concord's Newhall Park and are now mixing up everything. Before you wonder, this is not a scratch cake. It is a Betty Crocker mix. However, we have to add water, butter and 3-eggs. And we have to frost the baked cake with Betty Crocker frosting. We love to bake with mixes.


George mixing up the cake stuff.

3PM - The cake is finished!
MsTioga's oven baked David's birthday cake just great. After cooling, the cake was frosted. “Then Happy Birthday - David” letters were placed on top.


Happy Birthday - David

8:30PM - Birthday party!
The birthday party was wonderful. And everybody loved the chocolate cake. Pedro had three slices!


Javier, Pedro and David with the cake.


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