Monday, September 25, 2006

6AM - Lost in Emerville.
The Team stayed put at our Evening Camp all nite. It got pretty quiet later yesterday evening, and we were not disturbed all nite long.

We left our Camp early, hoping to miss commute traffic. But we got lost in Emeryville! Street signs that pointed to the freeway entrance, were wrong. Mr. DeLorme came to the rescue, and showed us the way to go. Where would we be without our Mr. DeLorme?!

Our plan is to head west, crossing the bridge over San Francisco Bay. We have never been to Mount Tamalpais which is in this area, and want to take a peek.

7:30AM - Morning Camped in the Town of Larkspur.
After crossing San Francisco Bay, we came to Larkspur. We like the name of this town. Larkspur. This is an upscale community, and we have always found that it is hard to make a Camp on the streets in upscale land. So, we drove into the Bon Air shopping center to take a look around and get our bearings.


Morning Camp in Larkspur.

10:30AM - Muir Woods or Mount Tamalpais.
We have made a Morning Camp at the intersection that goes either to Muir Woods National Monument or Mount Tamalpais State Park. Mr. Datastorm is going online to gather information so that we may decide which way to go. The roads thru the hills in this area are pretty challenging. Narrow and winding, with hardly any pull-over spots.

Everybody on The Team feels that this site would make a good Nite Camp. Well, everybody but MsTioga. She believes that the sheriff would knock on her door if we tried to stay the nite. This is a nice site though. There are some trails nearby, with wonderful views!

MuirTamalpaisA09-25-2006 MuirTamalpaisB09-25-2006

View from the trail. George looking at the sign.

2:30PM - San Francisco from Mount Tam.
We are Afternoon Camping at a wonderful lookout point up on Mount Tamalpais. From here Little Mavicito sees the skyline of San Francisco. It is a pretty hazy day, and the buildings are kind of grey.


Skyline of San Francisco.

6:30PM - Camping plan change.
We had made plans to Nite Camp in the State Campground at the foot of the road to the summit of Mount Tamalpais. But Mr. Datastorm could not find his space station thru the trees. So we decided to head down the mountain about 4 miles to Stinson Beach.

7:30PM - Stinson Beach Nite Camp.
We found a Nite Camp site alongside the Bolinas Lagoon near Stinson Beach. There aren't any No Camping signs here. However, we would not be surprised if a policeman knocked on MsTioga's door tonite!


Nite Camp Location

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