Tuesday, September 26, 2006

7:30AM - Headed south from Bolinas Lagoon.
MsTioga and The Team pulled out from our Bolinas Lagoon Nite Camp. Our suspicion that police would come knocking on MsTioga's door during the nite was wrong. We had a good nite's sleep and were undisturbed.

The fog is hanging over the Pacific Coast. On the hills behind us, the fog is so thick that the hilltops are hidden.

8:30AM - Morning Camped in soupy fog.
We moved several miles south and made a Morning Camp. The waves of the Pacific may be barely seen thru the fog. Even Little Mavicito could barely see the waves! Small clouds of fog are blowing up the hill from the Ocean. It is a chilly 52°F outside. Mr. Wave6 has been lit and is gently warming us.

11:00AM - Presidio of San Francisco.
Uncle Joe died in 1991. The last thing he said to me was, “Don't forget me.” And of course I never forgot.

The Team is now at the Presidio of San Francisco. The National Cemetery is here at the Presido, and Uncle Joe will rest here forever. I am the only person in the World who knows exactly where Uncle Joe's grave is located. I have been here many times.

UncleJoeA09-26-2006 UncleJoeB09-26-2006

Visiting Uncle Joe at the Presidio.

12 Noon - Golden Gate Park.
After we left the Presidio, we saw a sign which pointed to Golden Gate Park. MsTioga has never been in the Park, so we went there to Camp awhile. The fog is breaking up and every so often Mr. Sunny’s amp meter goes over 25 amps!


George and MsTioga look at Golden Gate Park.


Gorgeous view looking at the Conservatory of Flowers building.

Moving on or staying put.
Often we receive email from readers wondering why we do not stay put at some beautiful place. MsTioga, George and The Team are addicted to traveling. We love to be on the move.

We have come to enjoy seeing things going by, as we slowly meander along. Do we see things that most travelers don't see? Probably the answer is “Yes.” Our speed is sooooo slow, that we usually have to pull over every few miles to let vehicles pass us. Going slowly gives us opportunity to see. And of course we are forever stopping to take peeks.


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