Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7AM - Morning in San Carlos.
When we left San Francisco's Golden Gate Park yesterday afternoon, the plan was to find a Day Camp near the Pacific Ocean, and then Nite Camp nearby. However, we could not find a Nite Camp site. It seems that San Francisco is a hard place to Nite Camp.

We sort of meandered around during the afternoon, and found a Nite Camp next to an Amercian Legion building in the Town of San Carlos. Peeking out of MsTioga's window this morning, we see that it is an overcast morning here in San Carlos. Little Mavicito and George are going out for our morning walk now.

9:30AM - New eyeglasses need adjusting.
I cannot read street signs while driving with my new eyeglasses until I am almost to an intersection. It seems that I should be able to see better than that. So, I have an appointment at the Lenscrafters in Menlo Park. This is the good thing about a big chain like Lenscrafters. They are all over the place.

12:30PM - Got new glasses and heading west.
Lenscrafters ground a new left lens. The right side lens was OK, so now there is a new left lens in my glasses and I am able to see distances much better.

We decided to head west toward the Pacific Coast. Soon the road got all twisty and turny. It was clear to MsTioga and everybody on The Team that we were lost. Even Old George who believes that he never gets lost, seemed a bit confused.

So, we asked Mr. DeLorme, our noble GPS system to find us. Would you believe that Mr. DeLorme could not find our location? He looked and looked, for over an hour with no success. We decided to just drive, and hope for the best.

Finally we came to Highway #84 and just about that time, Mr. DeLorme came to life! You know that we on The Team believe in destiny and fate. If we are heading in the right direction, things go well. If not, stuff like Mr. DeLorme doesn't work. Maybe this is silly, but that's how things seem to be!

2PM - The redwoods are sooooo beautiful.
As we traveled along Highway #84, we climbed up a steep mountain. Here and there were groves of lovely coastal redwoods. We love the look inside these groves. Shady, with beams of sunshine coming thru. Little Mavicito said, “This must be the right road for us. Look how beautiful the forest is!”


The redwoods near the Village of La Honda.

3:30PM - San Gregorio Camp above the beach.
Soon we were leaving the mountains. The canyon leveled out a bit. Then the gorgeous Pacific Ocean came into view. We traveled a little ways south along the coast on Highway #1. Then we came to a dirt parking area that would make a wonderful Camp. This place looks down on the Pacific Ocean, a couple hundred feet below. This place is not posted. There aren’t any No Camping signs!!

We do not know if making a Camp here will bring a knock from police on MsTioga's door during the nite. However, we cannot run away from our fears of what might happen, don't you think? Sometimes we just have to take a chance and jump on a leap of faith.


George looks down at the Pacific Ocean's waves below our Camp.

9PM & 10:30PM - Sheriff protects The Team.
San Mateo County sheriffs stopped by twice. We were very lucky. The sheriffs did not chase us away, and let us stay the nite. They did advise that sleeping in a vehicle is not legal in this county.


No Anchor Link today.

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