Thursday, September 28, 2006

7AM - Pigeon Point Litehouse Camp.
We moved several miles south, to where the Pigeon Point Litehouse is located. A small paved road alongside the Ocean led to the litehouse. We have made a Morning Camp here.


MsTioga and George at Pigeon Point.

9AM - Morning walk.
Little Mavicito went with George for our morning walk. A nice trail goes down near the shore. After walking this trail we went to the litehouse. There is a hostel at the litehouse where you may stay for as little as $19.

The litehouse itself has fallen into disrepair. There is a movement to preserve the litehouse. Take a peek at this link, OK?

PigeonPointAA09-28-2006 PigeonPointB09-28-2006

Little Mavicito's view of the litehouse.

10:30AM - Breakfast time.
By the time we returned to MsTioga, it was time for a nice breakfast. The view from MsTioga of Pigeon Point is wonderful, don't you think?!

PigeonPointC09-28-2006 PigeonPointD09-28-2006

Breakfast at Pigeon Point.

4:30PM - Tioga and George in Santa Cruz!
We have arrived in the City of Santa Cruz. We have made an Afternoon Camp on a dead end street. However, making a Nite Camp in Santa Cruz is much harder. Our Nite Camp will require maximum stealthiness.

Mr. Onan, our valiant generator is running to top off Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank. This is a rare event. But it has been pretty foggy all day long, and solar power has been really low.

9PM - Nite Camping in our afternoon camp site.
We have decided to Nite Camp in the same place where we have been camping during the afternoon. MsTioga is right next to a Long's Drugstore parking lot, and nobody is paying any attention to us. Maybe Camping in Santa Cruz will not be as hard as we thought!


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