Sunday, September 24, 2006

7AM - Torn about leaving.
Everybody on The Team understands that it is essential to live in the now of time. We cannot be a centered and balanced team if we dwell in the past or future. This is especially true when living the vagabonding life.

Yet, we find ourselves torn about leaving our Concord homebase. We have come to love sharing the daily goings on of son David, his foster kids Pedro and Javier and the kids’ friends.

This afternoon is the time we have chosen to head out of Concord, and continue our journey south. Everybody on The Team is excited about being on the road again. And yet.........

NowA09-24-2006 NowB09-24-2006

Flowers alongside our Nite Camp. Washing MsTioga.

10AM - Hanging out at son David's home.
We drove over to David's, and plan to be here until later this afternoon. We love hanging out at David's place. There is always something going on. Neighbors dropping by and the kids are usually busy doing stuff too.

5:30PM - Headed south.
MsTioga and The Team headed out of Concord. We drove thru the lovely cities of Walnut Creek and Lafayette. Then west thru the forested valley that connects these cities with the Town of Orinda. After going thru the long Caldicott Tunnel, we began to look for an Evening Camp.

7PM - Emeryville-Berkeley area.
We have made an Evening Camp in the City of Emeryville (near Berkeley). We are leveled out and Mr. Datastorm is online. We may stay the nite here, but that is not for sure.


Nite Camp Location

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