Friday, September 29, 2006

8:30AM - Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
We have found a free parking lot, right across from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Old George wants to ride the Giant Dipper roller coaster a zillion times!


Can you see the Giant Dipper way over on the left side?

9AM - Son Joseph comes to call.
Guess what happened? I received an email from son Joseph, wanting to come by. Isn't that neat? It has been a whole year since I last saw Joseph.

We talked and talked for a couple of hours, and then went to lunch at a nearby Mexican food place.


Joseph and MsTioga.

1PM - Boardwalk open only on weekends.
After lunch, George and Joseph walked across the street to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. We wanted to maybe ride the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. We found that the Boardwalk is now off-season, and is only open on weekends. The plan is to go back there tomorrow morning.

3PM - Santa Cruz Wharf.
Close to where MsTioga is camped, is a wharf that extends way out into Monterey Bay. Little Mavicito heard that whales swim near this wharf, and begged to go out there. So, we did!

There were plenty of barking sea lions resting on the pilings underneath the wharf. But we did not see any whales. Little Mavicito took a swell pic of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk from the wharf. Would you like to see it? Hmmmmm?


Boardwalk from the Wharf.

8PM - Nite Camped same site as yesterday.
MsTioga does not like to make a Camp inside a town in the same place twice. But this evening it seemed like a good idea. Good Camps in the Town of Santa Cruz are hard for us to find.


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