Saturday, September 30, 2006

8AM - Day Camped near Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
Remember that yesterday we found that the Boardwalk closed for the season during the week, and opened up on weekends at 11AM. MsTioga tried to park this morning in the free parking lot across from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, as she did yesterday. But the lot was closed! We did not park on the street, because this area is metered and we did not wish to take up two meters.

So, we found an unmetered place to park several blocks away. We are not too far from the Giant Dipper roller coaster.

11AM - Joe and George ride Giant Dipper.
After visiting with Joe in his home in Santa Cruz, we walked to the Boardwalk to ride the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. I am scared of riding this roller coaster, but have to do it anyway. The thrill is sooooo fantastic. To be thrown right and left, riding sometimes in complete darkness, plunging down at fantastic speeds! You would be scared too!!


The train arrives for our Giant Dipper ride.

5PM - Afternoon in MsTioga.
After we returned from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and our Giant Dipper ride, Joe stayed with me inside MsTioga talking about lots of stuff. We watched some videos of Evie's Drive-In, our family restaurant that was famous for its roller skating carhops in the 1980s.

Then it was time to go, and my son Joe left and walked to his home. I will miss him, and feel very lucky to have spent these wonderful two days with him.


Joe walking home.

5:30PM - MsTioga goes to the dump station.
We do not write too many times about MsTioga going to a dump station. You know that she goes from time to time, right?

Today Little Mavicito took a pic of MsTioga at the Brighton Beach dump station. We have to pay sometimes to dump, but MsTioga believes that the $6 charge here at Brighton Beach is the most that we ever paid! So, we are commemorating this dump with a post.


MsTioga at Brighton Beach emptying her tanks.

6:30PM - Nite Camp at Moss Landing.
We have made a Nite Camp very close to the beach at Moss Landing. In the pic below, Little Mavicito catches George looking at the ending of a fabulous day.


George on the beach at Moss Landing.


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