Tuesday, October 31, 2006

6:30AM - Website down.
Our website is down. Something is wrong at my webhost. It appears as though the website went down about midnite. I have sent an email to my webhost asking for an explanation.

We will continue to publish our blog, in hopes that this trouble will be fixed soon.

7AM - A bit cloudy at sunrise.
Most of us on The Team love every single day. However, Mr. Sunny is not content unless his solar panels are getting a lot of power from the sun. Right now, only 2.2 amps are coming thru. Mr. Sunny believes that he should be getting twice as much.


Our camp shortly after sunrise.

10AM - In the Pueblo of El Rosario.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in the Pueblo of El Rosario. We have made a Day Camp behind the propane station, which is around the corner from Mama Espinoza's Restaurante.

Speaking about Mama Espinoza's, we are going over there for breakfast. Want to go with us? Hmmmm?


Jorge at Mama Espinoza's for breakfast.

11:30AM - Website still down.
On returning from Mama Espinoza's, we found that our website was still down. We phoned son Joseph and asked him to call 1&1 (our webhost) to find out what was wrong. It costs $1.40 per minute to phone them from Mexico, so we asked Joseph to do this.

1&1 told Joseph that our HTTP webserver was not working. They expect the problem to be resolved today, but did not specify a time. In the meanwhile, we are able to continue to publish our blog, only thing is that you cannot tune-in until this webserver problem is resolved.

1PM - Drinking water, washing water and gasoline.
We are low on drinking water, which we keep in five gallon and two liter bottles. We are also a bit low on washing water too, which is kept in MsTioga's fresh water tank. And, we need to fill up at the Pemex with gasoline for the long haul thru the desert where there are no Pemex stations until close to Guerrero Negro.

It is interesting that here in Mexico sources for water are easier to find than in the USA. Every Pemex that we have seen has a hose bibb that we are permitted to use to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank. Also, because the people of Mexico drink purified water, there are little stores for this water everywhere.

By the way, when MsTioga filled her gas tank and checked her mileage, she was getting 9.09 miles per gallon. Could it be that her mileage increased because of the recent tune-up? Before we were getting somewhere in the 7 miles per gallon range.

3PM - The Nolan family comes to call.
You know that we love to meet our readers. And today we met such a nice family! While driving thru El Rosario, the Nolan’s saw MsTioga camped just off the highway and stopped to say, “Hi.”


Lily, Melody, Greg, Juniper & Heather (L-R)

3:30PM - Our website is back online!
Mr. Chips was a bit worried when he was unable to get online since late last nite. But wise MsTioga consoled him, saying, “Things like this usually work themselves out, so don't worry Mr. Chips.”

Sure enough, things did work out. And we are soooooo happy to be with you again!

8PM – Sounds of El Rosario.
We began to hear music being played across the highway from our Camp. There were sounds of a party. We had to see what was going on, and went over there.

It was a fiesta for Halloween. There was a fire going with a bunch of chairs around it and a few adults warming by that fire. Perhaps fifty or more kids, many of them teenagers, some younger, were playing a musical chairs game. The music for this game was pretty loud. A man running the game, called out when somebody lost his chair. The kids were having soooooo much fun.


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Monday, October 30, 2006

6:30AM - Waves off the coast at Pirata Hotel.
Nobody aboard The Team knows much about surfing. However, the waves near the Pirata Hotel come in regularly and do not break for a long time. These waves may be great for surfing. Do you like to surf?


Sets of waves below our Camp.

11AM - San Quintin for tacos.
We spotted Mariscos Guero in the Pueblo of San Quintin (pronounced kinteen). How can we make our own food, when there are places selling wonderful tacos? Hmmmmm?

We bought one fish taco and one shrimp taco. 25 pesos for two tacos ($2.30US).

MariscosGueroA10-30-2006 MariscosGueroB10-30-2006

Do these tacos look delicious, or what?

12 Noon - Camping just south of El Socorro.
We have made a Camp just south of the agricultural Pueblo of El Socorro where there appears to be a large vegetable processing plant. MsTioga is very close to the Pacific Ocean. We will likely stay the nite here.

Our Ocean is a thing of beauty perhaps not to be found anywhere in our Universe. Just here on Earth.


The Ocean viewed from MsTioga’s front window.

5:30PM - Best part of baking cookies.
Do you bake cookies? Hmmmmm? What is the best part of baking cookies from scratch?

We just baked a batch of oatmobile cookies. And our favorite thing is to sample the beaten mixture with only the sugars, butter, eggs and vanilla. It is soooooo hard to stop dipping fingers into this stuff.


Oatmobile cookies

About Blogger's problems.
Blogger appears to have fixed their publishing problems. Earlier in the day we posted that it was necessary for us to manually publish Tioga and George's blog. This afternoon, the blog began publishing like crazy. Keep it up, Blogger!


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Sunday, October 29, 2006

6AM - Our Camp in the Pueblo of San Vicente.
The Team's Camp in San Vicente is on a very wide dirt road which is very well groomed. Mr. Chips commented, “A 747 could land on this street!” In the pic below, do you see the school just behind MsTioga?


MsTioga in San Vicente.

9AM - The exotic island of Camalu?
If MsTioga told you that she was in Camalu, would that name bring to your mind an exotic island in the South Pacific?

Well, we are in the Pueblo of Camalu in Mexico! At La Cueva del Pirata. And it is an exotic place too.


George looks at the view from our Camp.

11AM - Breakfast at Restaurante del Hotel Pirata.
We decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at the wonderful restaurant in the hotel. Chiliquilles con machaca was our order. We mentioned to the waitress that we had a webpage about the hotel and restaurant. It turned out that Enrique, the hotel owner was eating at a nearby table with his daughter and son-in-law. And guess what? When Enrique heard about our webpage, he paid for our breakfast!! Isn't that the greatest thing?

After breakfast, Jose and Rosillo (son-in-law and daughter) went down into MsTioga to look at MsTioga Magazine's webpage about the hotel. It turns out that they want to have their own webpage, and we offered to help them publish it. We love to help, as you may know.

2PM - A new look for Pirata Hotel.
Every year when we return to La Cueva del Pirata Hotel, there are changes. Little by little, improvements are made. If you compare the pic below to the front of the hotel in MsTioga Magazine's story, you will see what improvements have been done.

Also, if you are a visitor to Baja California, MsTioga and The Team recommend that you stop here for a stay or just a meal. We like this place and believe that you will like it too!


The new look for the Hotel La Cueva del Pirata.

5PM - MsTioga loves to be clean!
MsTioga loves to be clean, and even here at the lovely Pirata Hotel, we find time to clean her up. It has been a spectacular day, and even now at sundown, it is still gorgeous here.


Cleaning MsTioga at the Pirata Hotel.


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Saturday, October 28, 2006

8AM - Ensenada Morning.
It is a blue sky morning in La Ciudad (The City) de Ensenada. We spent a peaceful nite camping here. Nobody bothered MsTioga. This morning it is still quiet. There are some people out walking. However in Mexico, we have found that things start a bit later than in the USA. And that was what the people of Mexico love about their country. The tranquility.


A tranquil morning in Ensenada.

11AM - Heading south on Highway #1.
Highway #1 is the is the road that takes us all the way to our Mexican hometown of Santa Rosalia. We have been stopping along this road to go browsing in stores. We love to browse in Mexican stores. There is something mysterious about them.

Little Mavicito went up on MsTioga's roof to take the pics below. These pics show what is around our Day Camp looking north and south along Highway #1. Sort of looks like any big city USA, doesn't it?

EnsenadaHwyOne10-28-2006 001 EnsenadaHwyOne10-28-2006 002

North and south views of Ensenada on Highway #1.

Datastorm Map Location.
Have you ever looked at the Google hybrid maps of our location? It is really cool. Click below this post on the “My Datastorm Map Location” link. When the map comes up, click on the “Google Hybrid” link above the map on the right. You will first see a big topo map. But if you magnify the map by clicking on about the 2nd or 3rd position (below the + sign) , you may see a satellite photo of where we are located.

4PM - Nite Camped in San Vicente.
Our Camp is on the 2nd street off of Highway #1. It should be very quiet here at nite. There is a market set up in the park, about a block away from our Camp. We are going to take a look around that market and the town.

5PM - Bought a T-shirt at the market.
It was a used T-shirt with an advertisement on it. The price was 20 pesos, less than $2US. We get the feeling that not many tourist dollars stop here in the Pueblo of San Vicente. The trade is between those who live here.

In the pic below, Little Mavicito is looking at the center of town. The park with the market stalls is on the right. San Vicente is like most Highway #1 towns. Only the highway is paved. The sides of this road are dirt as are all other roads in town.


The pueblo of San Vicente.

In the park, Little Mavicito liked the John Kennedy quotation painted on the library building. “He who does nothing for the place where he lives does not deserve to live in it.”


President Kennedy quote.


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Friday, October 27, 2006

7AM - Getting gasoline at the Pemex.
We are leaving El Pueblo de Rosarito and heading south toward Ensenada. On the way out of town MsTioga stopped at the Pemex (PEtroleos MEXicanos) the federally owned gas station.

It took 105.79 liters to fill the tank, which cost $730 pesos @ 6.90 pesos per liter. We figure that this is equivalent to 27.95 gallons which cost us $67.16US @$2.402US/gallon. The exchange rate right now is 10.82 pesos per dollar.

If you are good at math (which we are not), please check our figures and let us know if they are OK?

7:30AM - Scenic road to Ensenada.
We decided to take the Scenic road to Ensenada, which is also a toll road. From Rosarito to Ensenada it costs $9.20US. In the past it may have taken us two days to go this distance on ordinary Highway #1. We want to make sure to get our tourist visa today, so we took the fast road.

9:30AM - Immigration in Ensenada.
We have always gotten our tourist visa in Rosarito. Since tourist visas are no longer issued in Rosarito, we went to Ensenada to get one.

The man at the immigration office told us that we would have to pay a 94 peso ($8.65US) fine for not getting the visa at the border. Wow! We were under the impression that tourist visas were not needed above the Pueblo of Maneadero (south of Ensenada). But no matter, we paid a fine for this education. The visa itself costs $19.32US.

When Little Mavicito took the pic below of Old George in front of the immigration office, a government person advised that taking pics of government buildings was illegal, and could get us a fine. “Be careful next time”, we were told. Double wow!


George's illegal pic in Ensenada.

10:30AM - Camped in Centro de Ensenada.
We have made a Camp in the center of Ensenada. We like camping in this place, because there are always places to park, and there is not too much traffic. Also, we are close to downtown where there are lots of stores and things to see.

It is a sunny day, and pretty warm. MsTioga's thermometer shows 104°F outside (in the sun) and 94°F inside. Little Mavicito is anxious for a walk around town, so of course we are going.

1:30PM - Back from walk around downtown.
We explored a lot of the downtown stores. And, it is a lot cooler walking around Ensenada then MsTioga's thermometer indicates. Must be only 75°F outside.

The first shop that we went to was a haircut place called, Estetica Unisex. Old George got a buzz cut and had a very nice conversation in Spanish with the lady who gave him his haircut.


Old George got his buzz cut here.

Just around the corner from the haircut place, is Tacos El Norte�o. Their tacos have a wonderful flavor and cost only 74 cents US!! Of course George had to buy one of those tacos.


El Norteno menu board.

3:30PM - The Ensenada hills.
There are hills to the west of downtown Ensenada running north-south. These hills are very steep. So steep that it is difficult to stand upright on them. And there are homes sort of glued on to these steep hills.

There are no roads going to most of these homes. Only steep stairs leading to dirt paths. If you lived in one of these homes, you would carry your groceries up these stairs and dirt paths.


Homes on the hillside of Ensenada.


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Thursday, October 26, 2006

7AM Sunrise - 'T' shirt & short pants weather.
There are people walking or running along the beach. They are all wrapped up in jackets and long pants. But for Old George, it is T-shirt and short pants weather. A lovely 66°F and a nice breeze.

It is absolutely wonderful being here in Mexico!


Old George on Rosarito's beach.

10AM - Dining out for breakfast.
The decision was made to dine out for breakfast. But where? MsTioga made a new Camp near Avenida Benito Juarez, the main street thru town. We walked around the block and found Gorditas El Tio.

Have you ever eaten a gordita? They are little flattened bread like things, sliced open like a pocket and then filled. I chose a nice looking shredded pork filling with frijoles (beans). The price is 12 pesos, about $1.10US.

GorditasElTioA10-26-2006 GorditasElTioB10-26-2006

Old George ate a wonderful gordita here.

4PM - Afternoon on the beach.
Can you imagine somebody just messing around on the beach the entire afternoon? Hmmmm? Well that's what Old George did. Reading, dozing, looking at the waves and all of the birds.


Old George on the beach. Whatta guy!

6PM - Tacos Manuel.
Tomorrow morning we will be heading south out of El Pueblo de Rosarito Beach. We couldn't leave here without eating at our favorite taco place in Rosarito, Tacos Manuel. So, we went there for supper!

There are several different kinds of tacos sold here. Our favorites are the roast pork and carne asada. We do not know how they make their meats taste sooooo good, but they do! Two tacos and a Pepsi in a bottle cost $2.76US.

After Tacos Manuel, we went across the street to La Michoacana Nevaria and bought a cup of strawberry ice cream. They make their ice cream in the back of the store. George loves Mexican strawberry ice cream.

Manuels10-26-2006 005

Tacos Manuel.

7PM - Money spent on dining today.
Today we went out for breakfast at Gorditas El Tio, had an after-breakfast snack at La Espiga Panaderia (bakery), ate supper at Tacos Manuel and had ice cream dessert at La Michoacana Nevaria. Total cost for all of that food was, $5.95US. We love Mexican food and prices!


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