Monday, October 30, 2006

6:30AM - Waves off the coast at Pirata Hotel.
Nobody aboard The Team knows much about surfing. However, the waves near the Pirata Hotel come in regularly and do not break for a long time. These waves may be great for surfing. Do you like to surf?


Sets of waves below our Camp.

11AM - San Quintin for tacos.
We spotted Mariscos Guero in the Pueblo of San Quintin (pronounced kinteen). How can we make our own food, when there are places selling wonderful tacos? Hmmmmm?

We bought one fish taco and one shrimp taco. 25 pesos for two tacos ($2.30US).

MariscosGueroA10-30-2006 MariscosGueroB10-30-2006

Do these tacos look delicious, or what?

12 Noon - Camping just south of El Socorro.
We have made a Camp just south of the agricultural Pueblo of El Socorro where there appears to be a large vegetable processing plant. MsTioga is very close to the Pacific Ocean. We will likely stay the nite here.

Our Ocean is a thing of beauty perhaps not to be found anywhere in our Universe. Just here on Earth.


The Ocean viewed from MsTioga’s front window.

5:30PM - Best part of baking cookies.
Do you bake cookies? Hmmmmm? What is the best part of baking cookies from scratch?

We just baked a batch of oatmobile cookies. And our favorite thing is to sample the beaten mixture with only the sugars, butter, eggs and vanilla. It is soooooo hard to stop dipping fingers into this stuff.


Oatmobile cookies

About Blogger's problems.
Blogger appears to have fixed their publishing problems. Earlier in the day we posted that it was necessary for us to manually publish Tioga and George's blog. This afternoon, the blog began publishing like crazy. Keep it up, Blogger!


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