Tuesday, October 31, 2006

6:30AM - Website down.
Our website is down. Something is wrong at my webhost. It appears as though the website went down about midnite. I have sent an email to my webhost asking for an explanation.

We will continue to publish our blog, in hopes that this trouble will be fixed soon.

7AM - A bit cloudy at sunrise.
Most of us on The Team love every single day. However, Mr. Sunny is not content unless his solar panels are getting a lot of power from the sun. Right now, only 2.2 amps are coming thru. Mr. Sunny believes that he should be getting twice as much.


Our camp shortly after sunrise.

10AM - In the Pueblo of El Rosario.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in the Pueblo of El Rosario. We have made a Day Camp behind the propane station, which is around the corner from Mama Espinoza's Restaurante.

Speaking about Mama Espinoza's, we are going over there for breakfast. Want to go with us? Hmmmm?


Jorge at Mama Espinoza's for breakfast.

11:30AM - Website still down.
On returning from Mama Espinoza's, we found that our website was still down. We phoned son Joseph and asked him to call 1&1 (our webhost) to find out what was wrong. It costs $1.40 per minute to phone them from Mexico, so we asked Joseph to do this.

1&1 told Joseph that our HTTP webserver was not working. They expect the problem to be resolved today, but did not specify a time. In the meanwhile, we are able to continue to publish our blog, only thing is that you cannot tune-in until this webserver problem is resolved.

1PM - Drinking water, washing water and gasoline.
We are low on drinking water, which we keep in five gallon and two liter bottles. We are also a bit low on washing water too, which is kept in MsTioga's fresh water tank. And, we need to fill up at the Pemex with gasoline for the long haul thru the desert where there are no Pemex stations until close to Guerrero Negro.

It is interesting that here in Mexico sources for water are easier to find than in the USA. Every Pemex that we have seen has a hose bibb that we are permitted to use to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank. Also, because the people of Mexico drink purified water, there are little stores for this water everywhere.

By the way, when MsTioga filled her gas tank and checked her mileage, she was getting 9.09 miles per gallon. Could it be that her mileage increased because of the recent tune-up? Before we were getting somewhere in the 7 miles per gallon range.

3PM - The Nolan family comes to call.
You know that we love to meet our readers. And today we met such a nice family! While driving thru El Rosario, the Nolan’s saw MsTioga camped just off the highway and stopped to say, “Hi.”


Lily, Melody, Greg, Juniper & Heather (L-R)

3:30PM - Our website is back online!
Mr. Chips was a bit worried when he was unable to get online since late last nite. But wise MsTioga consoled him, saying, “Things like this usually work themselves out, so don't worry Mr. Chips.”

Sure enough, things did work out. And we are soooooo happy to be with you again!

8PM – Sounds of El Rosario.
We began to hear music being played across the highway from our Camp. There were sounds of a party. We had to see what was going on, and went over there.

It was a fiesta for Halloween. There was a fire going with a bunch of chairs around it and a few adults warming by that fire. Perhaps fifty or more kids, many of them teenagers, some younger, were playing a musical chairs game. The music for this game was pretty loud. A man running the game, called out when somebody lost his chair. The kids were having soooooo much fun.


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