Sunday, October 29, 2006

6AM - Our Camp in the Pueblo of San Vicente.
The Team's Camp in San Vicente is on a very wide dirt road which is very well groomed. Mr. Chips commented, “A 747 could land on this street!” In the pic below, do you see the school just behind MsTioga?


MsTioga in San Vicente.

9AM - The exotic island of Camalu?
If MsTioga told you that she was in Camalu, would that name bring to your mind an exotic island in the South Pacific?

Well, we are in the Pueblo of Camalu in Mexico! At La Cueva del Pirata. And it is an exotic place too.


George looks at the view from our Camp.

11AM - Breakfast at Restaurante del Hotel Pirata.
We decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at the wonderful restaurant in the hotel. Chiliquilles con machaca was our order. We mentioned to the waitress that we had a webpage about the hotel and restaurant. It turned out that Enrique, the hotel owner was eating at a nearby table with his daughter and son-in-law. And guess what? When Enrique heard about our webpage, he paid for our breakfast!! Isn't that the greatest thing?

After breakfast, Jose and Rosillo (son-in-law and daughter) went down into MsTioga to look at MsTioga Magazine's webpage about the hotel. It turns out that they want to have their own webpage, and we offered to help them publish it. We love to help, as you may know.

2PM - A new look for Pirata Hotel.
Every year when we return to La Cueva del Pirata Hotel, there are changes. Little by little, improvements are made. If you compare the pic below to the front of the hotel in MsTioga Magazine's story, you will see what improvements have been done.

Also, if you are a visitor to Baja California, MsTioga and The Team recommend that you stop here for a stay or just a meal. We like this place and believe that you will like it too!


The new look for the Hotel La Cueva del Pirata.

5PM - MsTioga loves to be clean!
MsTioga loves to be clean, and even here at the lovely Pirata Hotel, we find time to clean her up. It has been a spectacular day, and even now at sundown, it is still gorgeous here.


Cleaning MsTioga at the Pirata Hotel.


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