Friday, October 27, 2006

7AM - Getting gasoline at the Pemex.
We are leaving El Pueblo de Rosarito and heading south toward Ensenada. On the way out of town MsTioga stopped at the Pemex (PEtroleos MEXicanos) the federally owned gas station.

It took 105.79 liters to fill the tank, which cost $730 pesos @ 6.90 pesos per liter. We figure that this is equivalent to 27.95 gallons which cost us $67.16US @$2.402US/gallon. The exchange rate right now is 10.82 pesos per dollar.

If you are good at math (which we are not), please check our figures and let us know if they are OK?

7:30AM - Scenic road to Ensenada.
We decided to take the Scenic road to Ensenada, which is also a toll road. From Rosarito to Ensenada it costs $9.20US. In the past it may have taken us two days to go this distance on ordinary Highway #1. We want to make sure to get our tourist visa today, so we took the fast road.

9:30AM - Immigration in Ensenada.
We have always gotten our tourist visa in Rosarito. Since tourist visas are no longer issued in Rosarito, we went to Ensenada to get one.

The man at the immigration office told us that we would have to pay a 94 peso ($8.65US) fine for not getting the visa at the border. Wow! We were under the impression that tourist visas were not needed above the Pueblo of Maneadero (south of Ensenada). But no matter, we paid a fine for this education. The visa itself costs $19.32US.

When Little Mavicito took the pic below of Old George in front of the immigration office, a government person advised that taking pics of government buildings was illegal, and could get us a fine. “Be careful next time”, we were told. Double wow!


George's illegal pic in Ensenada.

10:30AM - Camped in Centro de Ensenada.
We have made a Camp in the center of Ensenada. We like camping in this place, because there are always places to park, and there is not too much traffic. Also, we are close to downtown where there are lots of stores and things to see.

It is a sunny day, and pretty warm. MsTioga's thermometer shows 104°F outside (in the sun) and 94°F inside. Little Mavicito is anxious for a walk around town, so of course we are going.

1:30PM - Back from walk around downtown.
We explored a lot of the downtown stores. And, it is a lot cooler walking around Ensenada then MsTioga's thermometer indicates. Must be only 75°F outside.

The first shop that we went to was a haircut place called, Estetica Unisex. Old George got a buzz cut and had a very nice conversation in Spanish with the lady who gave him his haircut.


Old George got his buzz cut here.

Just around the corner from the haircut place, is Tacos El Norte�o. Their tacos have a wonderful flavor and cost only 74 cents US!! Of course George had to buy one of those tacos.


El Norteno menu board.

3:30PM - The Ensenada hills.
There are hills to the west of downtown Ensenada running north-south. These hills are very steep. So steep that it is difficult to stand upright on them. And there are homes sort of glued on to these steep hills.

There are no roads going to most of these homes. Only steep stairs leading to dirt paths. If you lived in one of these homes, you would carry your groceries up these stairs and dirt paths.


Homes on the hillside of Ensenada.


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