Thursday, October 26, 2006

7AM Sunrise - 'T' shirt & short pants weather.
There are people walking or running along the beach. They are all wrapped up in jackets and long pants. But for Old George, it is T-shirt and short pants weather. A lovely 66°F and a nice breeze.

It is absolutely wonderful being here in Mexico!


Old George on Rosarito's beach.

10AM - Dining out for breakfast.
The decision was made to dine out for breakfast. But where? MsTioga made a new Camp near Avenida Benito Juarez, the main street thru town. We walked around the block and found Gorditas El Tio.

Have you ever eaten a gordita? They are little flattened bread like things, sliced open like a pocket and then filled. I chose a nice looking shredded pork filling with frijoles (beans). The price is 12 pesos, about $1.10US.

GorditasElTioA10-26-2006 GorditasElTioB10-26-2006

Old George ate a wonderful gordita here.

4PM - Afternoon on the beach.
Can you imagine somebody just messing around on the beach the entire afternoon? Hmmmm? Well that's what Old George did. Reading, dozing, looking at the waves and all of the birds.


Old George on the beach. Whatta guy!

6PM - Tacos Manuel.
Tomorrow morning we will be heading south out of El Pueblo de Rosarito Beach. We couldn't leave here without eating at our favorite taco place in Rosarito, Tacos Manuel. So, we went there for supper!

There are several different kinds of tacos sold here. Our favorites are the roast pork and carne asada. We do not know how they make their meats taste sooooo good, but they do! Two tacos and a Pepsi in a bottle cost $2.76US.

After Tacos Manuel, we went across the street to La Michoacana Nevaria and bought a cup of strawberry ice cream. They make their ice cream in the back of the store. George loves Mexican strawberry ice cream.

Manuels10-26-2006 005

Tacos Manuel.

7PM - Money spent on dining today.
Today we went out for breakfast at Gorditas El Tio, had an after-breakfast snack at La Espiga Panaderia (bakery), ate supper at Tacos Manuel and had ice cream dessert at La Michoacana Nevaria. Total cost for all of that food was, $5.95US. We love Mexican food and prices!


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