Saturday, October 28, 2006

8AM - Ensenada Morning.
It is a blue sky morning in La Ciudad (The City) de Ensenada. We spent a peaceful nite camping here. Nobody bothered MsTioga. This morning it is still quiet. There are some people out walking. However in Mexico, we have found that things start a bit later than in the USA. And that was what the people of Mexico love about their country. The tranquility.


A tranquil morning in Ensenada.

11AM - Heading south on Highway #1.
Highway #1 is the is the road that takes us all the way to our Mexican hometown of Santa Rosalia. We have been stopping along this road to go browsing in stores. We love to browse in Mexican stores. There is something mysterious about them.

Little Mavicito went up on MsTioga's roof to take the pics below. These pics show what is around our Day Camp looking north and south along Highway #1. Sort of looks like any big city USA, doesn't it?

EnsenadaHwyOne10-28-2006 001 EnsenadaHwyOne10-28-2006 002

North and south views of Ensenada on Highway #1.

Datastorm Map Location.
Have you ever looked at the Google hybrid maps of our location? It is really cool. Click below this post on the “My Datastorm Map Location” link. When the map comes up, click on the “Google Hybrid” link above the map on the right. You will first see a big topo map. But if you magnify the map by clicking on about the 2nd or 3rd position (below the + sign) , you may see a satellite photo of where we are located.

4PM - Nite Camped in San Vicente.
Our Camp is on the 2nd street off of Highway #1. It should be very quiet here at nite. There is a market set up in the park, about a block away from our Camp. We are going to take a look around that market and the town.

5PM - Bought a T-shirt at the market.
It was a used T-shirt with an advertisement on it. The price was 20 pesos, less than $2US. We get the feeling that not many tourist dollars stop here in the Pueblo of San Vicente. The trade is between those who live here.

In the pic below, Little Mavicito is looking at the center of town. The park with the market stalls is on the right. San Vicente is like most Highway #1 towns. Only the highway is paved. The sides of this road are dirt as are all other roads in town.


The pueblo of San Vicente.

In the park, Little Mavicito liked the John Kennedy quotation painted on the library building. “He who does nothing for the place where he lives does not deserve to live in it.”


President Kennedy quote.


Google Earth Link

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