Tuesday, November 28, 2006

2AM - Reading Spanish online.
Jorge reads Digital Granma International [Spanish] and then translates this online newspaper into English using their [English] button located top left. Each page occupies 1/2 of the screen. He first reads Spanish. When a word is not known, the English translation is read. Really works out well.

Jorge says, "I have to use Spanish in all the ways possible, in order to learn best."

Reader Ted wrote email mentioning that Granma is Cuban based Communistic propaganda news. Jorge did not even know this. His Spanish has a long way to go! However, Jorge likes the stories he reads in Granma. "Seems pretty balanced," says Jorge.

11:30AM - Ms. GQ & Jorge working.
Would you believe that Ms. GQ and Jorge have been working all morning on their blog and especially Calendar Beta? This "work" is sooooooo much fun for these two. They love this stuff. Doesn't seem like work at all.

Reader Thomas who kick-started the Calendar Beta project from Canada messed with the code for FIVE hours this morning to get it to look right. Isn't he the greatest thing? Hmmmmm?

Calendar Beta now includes three months. Do you like it? We are actually using Calendar Beta to do our daily setups for the "Yesterday/Tomorrow" thing.

2PM - Google Adsense seminar.
Jorge and Ms. GQ are very excited about attending an online Adsense seminar tomorrow. We have never been to one of these before. The seminar will explain a new program that helps advertisers find our website in order to place their ads. We love that.

3:30PM - Bougainvillea propagation.
From readers we learned a lot about growing bougainvillea. Use hardwood cuttings and place in a very humid place. We chose to place our little pot inside a plastic bag, and put the bagged pot out in the garden. We have three cuttings with 2-3 branch ends each.

Wise old Mr. Chips believes that we will be lucky!

5PM - MsTioga on working.
MsTioga was talking things over with wise old Mr. Chips this afternoon. These two both agreed, that working
a little bit everyday is the important thing. "Gets stuff done!", said MsTioga.

They were talking about Jorge working everyday in the garden, and how things are coming along very nicely. Little Mavicito caught Jorge working with one of his pics.

5:30PM - Tomorrow's trip.
Everybody on The Team is soooooo excited about tomorrow's trip. At a Team Meeting awhile ago, MsTioga announced that her propane tank is low and also her black water tank needs dumping.

That means that MsTioga is pulling out of Camp and going on a trip in the morning! Wow! We love to travel. We are vagabonds, you know!

6PM - A word from Mr. Chips.
Mr. Chips, has a message for you. "I want you to know that our blog is published from both our 1&1 webhost servers and from Blogger's BlogSpot servers. Of these two, BlogSpot updates itself much faster. If you tune in by going thru our Home Page, you'll be reading us on BlogSpot".

Wise words from Mr. Chips, who knows just about everything.


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