Friday, November 24, 2006

2AM - Testing a Calendar.
We are messing around with a calendar. Right now it only has the first week in the November working correctly.

3:30AM - November Calendar.
Our little November Calendar seems to be working. It is not completely debugged, because Jorge's brain has turned to mush. He stayed up too late! Hmmmmm?

11AM - Calendar confession.
The Calendar Beta that I published was found on the web somewhere. It appears to have been generated by a WordPress plugin. Jorge knows nothing about these kinds of things. However, he does know about HTML code, and was able to hack this code into the November, 2006 calendar that you now see on the blog.

Then, Jorge went to hack the code into an October, 2006 calendar. He could not do it. He thinks that there might be some kind of table behind the code, that controls where the date numbers are placed. Do you know anything about this kind of thing? Hmmmm? Help!

12 Noon - Thoughts about our blog.
Yes, Tioga and George are thinking about changing the look of our blog. New Blogger Beta has fantastic publishing tools, which make things much easier. Our present blog does not allow us to use these tools.

Our present blog was changed little by little since we began publishing in May, 2003. This present blog does not publish the way that Tioga & George wish. Things that should be one size, are another size. So, we are messing around with our Tioga Test blog to see what should be done. We probably will not change anything though. Lots of readers have emailed asking us not to change.

2:30PM - Leaking hose.
One of Chito's garden hoses is leaking. Here in Santa Rosalia, the custom is to fix everything. So, Jorge decided to fix this hose with a new hose end. When the new hose end was attached, it leaked too! MsTioga said, "Buy a new hose, Jorge." So that is what Jorge did!

The new hose is high quality. Should last a long time. Most of the garden hoses sold around here do not last very long. Tioga and George paid for the new hose (not the Chito Family Help Fund).

6PM - Readers are right!
We had a Team Meeting to talk about all the email received from readers who do not want Tioga and George's blog to change its looks.

Rick wrote, "George, your current site has attracted hundreds and thousands of faithful followers. We love it the way it is and don't really see any need for changes."

Joan emailed, "You know I like the uniqueness of your current blog. Unless the new format is better I'd vote for sticking with the one you have..more creativity it seems."

Michel said, "Man, you spend a lot of time working on your computer creating a new design for your blog and figuring out calendars. Don't forget to enjoy life, go dancing."

So, after thinking about all of that advice, The Team voted to back off from using the Tioga Test look that we wrote about earlier today.

After our Team Meeting, Jorge and Little Mavicito went up on the water tank. Only a little bit of daylight is left. It's very quiet. Just as this pic was taken, bells from the old church rang out.


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