Sunday, November 26, 2006

4AM - MsGQ & Jorge uploading images.
Don't these two ever sleep? They are hard at it uploading and publishing the 2003 images that the dastardly Blogger people deleted a few weeks back. Actually, it is a good time going over those days in 2003! Wow!

5AM - Thinking about work.
It is likely clear to you, that we on The Team spend a lot of time doing work. But what is work for us now? It isn't a traffic commute, or starting at a certain time. It also is not supervisors, deadlines, or anything like that.

Our work is doing things that we love to do, in the exact place that we want to be. Everybody on The Team talked it over, and we hope to never stop working. Because we believe that work in the Tioga & George style is the very best thing.

11AM - Guess whose coming to dinner?
Yes! Alty invited Jorge to Sunday dinner. We are going to eat at 3PM when Chito comes home from work. Wow! Jorge loves dinner invitations!

1PM - New cactus in the garden.
Remember the cactus that we were given yesterday by the nice man in El Centro. We have potted this little cactus, and now it has a new home in the garden! Do you see it in the square plastic pot?

Of course it may take a little while to start growing. Everybody on The Team is happy for the little plant

3:30PM - Dinner time.
Victor was riding his little bicycle around MsTioga when Chito called out, "Tell Jorge it's time for dinner." And what a great dinner it was too. Shrimp, fish, salad, rice fried banana. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, Little Mavicito took a nap in Jorge's pocket and forgot to come out to take pics!

5PM - Garden weeds.

Jorge used Chito's large machete to cut back the weeds this afternoon. We are now able to see a little of the path to the East Garden.

When Chito came home from work this afternoon he saw the growing pile of cut weeds and said, "Mucho trabajo" [A lot of work]. We knew that Chito would say that.

5:30PM - Google Adsense new program.
Adsense gives us the ads that you may see to the right side on our blog. A few days ago they came out with a new program that permits advertisers to search descriptions prepared by publishers. Tioga and George are publishers.

We filled out about 30 of these descriptions, and were very surprised when our ad revenue began to surge upward. There must be a lot of competition for our pages, because Adsense is paying much more for every click now.

Perhaps this new program is the reason?

7PM - Baking cookies.
Is there anybody who while mixing up a batch of chocolate chip cookies is able to keep their fingers out of the mixing bowl?

This the first time experimenting with using baking powder instead of baking soda for cookies. Always wondered about that. The recipe calls for 1-teaspoon baking soda and we used 1-tablespoon baking powder. Cookies came up bigger and just as soft as with soda.

Wise old Mr. Chips, looked at the cookie box and commented, "I wonder how long those will last!" Jorge has a reputation onboard MsTioga.


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