Monday, November 27, 2006

5AM - Studying Spanish.
For the past three years when we asked to stay overnite in a place in Mexico, we would ask, "¿Yo puedo a esperar aqui por la noche?" However this is not right, because "esperar" means "to wait for. " Now we use the "quedar" which means "to stay." If you look these two words up in the dictionary, they appear to have the same meaning.

Please excuse if the words are not perfect Spanish, OK? Jorge is still a student.

7AM - Is winter here?
This morning MsTioga turned on her heater for the first time since arriving in Santa Rosalia. It is 61°F now. How did it get so cold? Hmmmmm?

11AM - Re-publishing 2003 images project.
It took a long time this morning to re-publish one week's worth of the deleted images. MsGQ was really slow, her hard drive whirling away while Jorge waited. We are soooooo happy to let you know that we are almost finished with the entire month of August, 2003!

12 Noon - The amazing calendar story!
We would like to tell you about our amazing Calendar Beta story. For years, Jorge has been wanting a calendar for you to be able to access MsTioga's archives. A few days ago while searching around on the web, Jorge found some HTML code which appeared to be a calendar that might work.

Jorge has some understanding of this code, but not much. Somehow thru many tries, a calendar was published. It was not good though.

A few days later, we received an email from Canadian reader Thomas Thibodeau. He had re-worked our calendar into a nice looking one. Over the next few days, emails went back and forth between Thomas in Canada and Jorge in Mexico. Calendar Beta began to look pretty nice!

Yesterday evening, Thomas sent an email with some improved calendar files. At the end of his email, he wrote: "This is simply amazing that you are in Mexico and I am on the atlantic coast of Canada and we can work on a project like this."

Everybody on The Team agrees completely with Thomas. Being able to work with Thomas Thibodeau on the Calendar Beta Project is a fabulous miracle.

3PM - Our destiny is Santa Rosalia.
Many new readers do not know why Tioga and George are living in Santa Rosalia. So, we tell a little about that, OK?
At 4PM, Thursday, December 30, 2004, Tioga & George arrived in Santa Rosalia for the very first time.

From our blog post of that day:
George never knows where to go when we enter a new town, but MsTioga always knows. We arrived as if by magic, at the city center. The town was alive with the sounds and sights of fiesta. It is New Years, and the streets are going to be filled with dancing, happy people tomorrow."Here is our first pic of Santa Rosalia. George is looking up the main street in El Centro. We did not know then how much we would come to love the Pueblo. Not until we were traveling in the USA in the summer of 2005, did we know.

But destiny is very powerful, though not understood at all. Shortly after we returned to Santa Rosalia in 2005, we met Chito, his wife Alty and the family. We asked permission to Camp next to their home. And that is why we are here today!

4PM - Victor and the flower.
Jorge went looking for plants for the garden over at La Casita, the little house very close to MsTioga. He found a flowering bush, and snipped off a small branch.

Victor was riding his bicycle near MsTioga when Jorge returned, and he told Jorge that this plant is called, "girasol".

Do you know what this flower is and how to make it grow?

Victor decided to ride down the small slope of the garden path. Victor has fun doing everything. He is a fun kid.

He told Jorge that his birthday is on November 21, just a few days ago. Victor asked, "When is your birthday, Jorge?" "My birthday is today, Victor."

Victor did not believe that today is Jorge's birthday, but it's true! 

Nite Camp Location


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