Thursday, November 30, 2006

6AM - The big wind.
It has been soooooo windy! You would not believe. MsTioga has been buffeted by strong winds from the late afternoon and all thru the nite. Strong winds continue this morning.

During early yesterday evening, everybody on The Team urged Mr. Datastorm to come down out of the wind to safety. He refused, and stayed up there on MsTioga's roof being buffeted without mercy. But when the wind gusts got even stronger, brave Mr. Datastorm could no longer cope. And he retreated to the protection of his stowed position.

8:30AM - Trying to understand Blogger.
Wise old Mr. Chips has tried to explain to Jorge about the new Blogger Beta. Jorge just cannot get his mind wrapped around Blogger Beta.

Anyway, we recommend that you enter our website thru our homepage. That way you will be viewing our blog thru Blogspot, and reading the latest update. Here is our homepage:
9:30AM - The wind is soooooo strong!
MsTioga is rocking so much, that Jorge can barely keep his hands on Ms. GQ's keyboard. Man-O-Man! This is really something.

When we open MsTioga's door, the wind nearly rips the door away!

12:30PM - Mountains are hazy today.
We cannot see the famous Tres Virgenes volcanoes from our Camp. We can see the mountain range a bit south of the volcanoes however. The view from our breakfast table is hazy. Dust from the windstorm is obscuring our usually bright and clear view of these mountains.

The very strong wind is bending the trees near Camp. But the trees are strong. They bend, but do not break. In that way, the tress are like the people who live here.

3PM - Mercandito Fanny.
A few weeks ago, our friend and neighbor Alty mentioned to Jorge that there was a nice grocery store nearby in Colonia Bella Vista [a neighborhood just behind our Camp]. Yesterday Jorge went over to this tienda [store] and bought a few things. This afternoon we returned to find more about this little grocery store.

"Mercandito Fanny."

The owner of "Mercandito Fanny" is Loli, a very friendly woman. Loli worked for a number of years as a cashier "Centro Commeciales", a large Mexican grocery chain. About a year ago, "Mercandito Fanny" was opened. In a very short time, the two other grocery stores in Bella Vista closed down because of the competition. Loli is a success story.

When asked why her store is successful, Loli replied, "We are open seven days a week, many hours each day. Our prices are the same as other grocery stores in El Centro. "

Loli, our Spanish teacher.

As we talked, Loli began to speak a little English. When Loli expressed her interest to learn English, a remarkable thing happened. Jorge and Loli made a deal to teach each other. Is this not the greatest thing?!

Jorge had been looking for someone to teach him Spanish for over a year, and nobody was interested. Now he found Loli. ¡Perfecto!

6:30PM - Staying in Camp for supper.
Little Mavicito wanted to go to El Centro and look around and maybe eat out tonite. However Jorge thought staying in was a better idea. It is really nice and warm inside MsTioga. And there is a nice piece of salmon for supper!

The wind is still shaking MsTioga, and the gusts are pretty strong. Not as strong as before however. Mr. Datastorm says that he is doing just fine up on MsTioga's roof!

7:30PM - What's happening with Chito's repairs?
We have received email from readers wondering what is happening with plans to repair Chito's home. Little Mavicito took a bunch of pics last Monday, so that you would be able to see the condition of the house. The plan is to publish these pics in the page linked to the "Chito Fund" button below.

Some repairs will be made tomorrow, however. The strong winds of the past two days, have blown electric light wires down in the yard. Jorge is planning on re-mounting these electric wires so that they will be at a proper height above the ground.


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