Friday, November 03, 2006

6AM - Desert morning.
It is very quiet this morning on Dry Lake Chapala way out in the desert. Except for the click of Little Mavicito as he ran around like a wild thing taking pics.

ChapalaLakeAMShadowX11-03-2006 GoogleEarth_Image

Long morning shadow & MsTioga's Camp location.

10:30AM - Highway view.
Maybe it is just our imagination. But some of the views that we see while moving along inside MsTioga are fantastic.

We went up a large climb, and at the top was a view across the desert and mountains that went on forever.


A view from Highway #1.

11:30AM - Two palapas Camp.
Last year we met Chuy and Grado who own a rancho north of the City of Guerrero Negro. They showed us a wonderful camp that is part of their rancho located right at the Ocean. And that is where we are right now.

If you were here at this beautiful place, would you ever leave?


Chuy and Grado's rancho.

3PM - Tide is out.
MsTioga says that a 747 could land on the hard packed beach when the tide is out. MsTioga says that she wouldn't go out there though.


Our Camp viewed from the beach


Google Earth Link

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