Saturday, November 25, 2006

6AM - Searching for cactus.
This morning we are going to go searching for cactus in the hills behind our Camp. MsTioga believes that there are cactus in those hills. Last year hardly anything was growing up there, and the hills were so brown. Now they are green because of all the rain this past September and October.

When we find cactus, we will bring some back to plant in our garden.

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12:30PM - Our hike in the hills.
We were walking by a small home on the hill behind our camp. This home is at the edge of the desert. We spotted a lovely small cactus in the the front yard. Jose Gilberto was at home, and told us that his mother had found this cactus maybe 20 years ago. We asked permission for a small leaf, and Jose asked that we return to ask his mother this evening.

Jose says that when he was three years old, he touched this same cactus and his hand got red and hurt a lot. Jose says that this cactus grows very slowly.

As Little Mavicito and Jorge walked up the hill, we entered the desert.

Last spring when we were here, everything was dry and only a few hardy plants grew. Today the desert is green, and tons of flowers are growing.

One kind of plant grows like a blanket covering the hill. This plant has zillions of tiny violet flowers. Wow! It is gorgeous up here on the hill.

We climbed to the ridge of the hill. Little Mavicito is looking east toward the the Sea of Cortez. MsTioga is very small, but we can see her in the panorama. We wonder if she is looking at us? Are you able to find MsTioga in this pic?

Hint: MsTioga is just to the right of the famous Hotel Frances, the building with the large red roof on the left side of the pic. She is very small. Did you find her?

We looked all around the hill, and could not find one cactus. Jorge believes that the cactus were taken from these hills over the years because it is so close here to Cachania. We saw many cactus near the mines when we searched there last winter. Big ones too!

When we walked to the edge of the hill, there was a grand view of El Centro below us. We are looking southeast in the pic above. Do you see the road curving down to the right in this pic? That's where we will walk now.

As we were walking down the curving dirt road, a young man approached. He spoke in English very well. He is Carlos Sanchez, 17 years old, and a resident of Cachania (Santa Rosalia) for many years.

We had a very nice talk while standing in the dirt road. Carlos' father owns Reterkko's Restaurante in El Centro. Carlos will be studying at the University soon, probably in Ensenada, maybe La Paz. Carlos gave Jorge his email address, so now Jorge has another person to write to in Cachania besides his friend Raymundo.

We continued walking down the dirt road. Then we took one of those paths that winds between houses and led us downhill to El Centro. These paths are an amazing tribute to the culture of the people of Mexico. They make do. As a twig that bends in the storm makes it thru to the next day, the people of Mexico endure.

4PM - El Centro.
When we entered El Centro, Jorge wanted to introduce himself to Jose, the father of Carlos who we met on the dirt road. Jose Sanchez was at work in his restaurant, and we had a nice talk, mostly about his son Carlos.

At Super Mercado Cachania, we bought a flat of eggs and some other stuff, and headed for home. On the way guess what we received? A man who has a lovely cactus garden at his home in El Centro, gave Jorge a small cactus leaf! Wow! This has been a special day.


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