Wednesday, November 29, 2006

7AM - Adsense Webinar!
Jorge is very excited about attending his first online webinar. This event is called:
"AdSense Webinar: Increase your visibility to advertisers."

Description: Members of the AdSense and AdWords product management team will provide insight into what advertisers want to see from publishers and how to increase your site's visibility to advertisers to improve your revenue opportunity.

Jorge tried to sign into the Webinar at 5am. He likes that promise to: "Improve your revenue opportunity." What a guy!

The Webinar starts at 12 Noon! Jorge got confused with GMT! So, we are going on our trip to the propane place now. Then down to the RV Campground to dump MsTioga's tanks.

We are soooooooo excited about taking a ride!

7:30AM - GasPasa.
MsTioga drove very carefully out from our Camp. Then thru the very narrow section that goes passed the two water tanks, and down the steepest part near our friend Poncho's home. We got thru safely. The trees along the dirt road need a little trimming. Branches scrape MsTioga.

Alejandro at GasPasa knows Jorge and MsTioga. We have come here many times to fill up on propane.

8AM - San Lucas RV Camp.
We parked for a bit when we returned to Santa Rosalia. A man was standing nearby, and asked for a ride to San Lucas. What a coincidence, because that is where we are going! His name is Luis Alberto Martinez, and he is a guard for some of the stores in San Lucas.

Luis Alberto Martinez.

Luis talked about the history of the mines near Santa Rosalia. He has a lot of knowledge about the history of this area.

9PM - San Luis RV Park.
When we arrived at San Luis RV Park, MsTioga dumped her holding tanks. There is a dump station on the hill that overlooks the park. The park appears to be located within a bay. There are about 20 RVs staying here.

MsTioga empties her holding tanks.

Little Mavicito wanted to take a pic of San Lucas RV Park, especially where the RVs are located. So Jorge walked down the hill to get a better view.

San Luis RV Park viewed from hill.

We saw some people talking where the RVs were parked, and walked over and introduced ourselves. We met Eric Moroney and Lee Houston. These men have been coming here for a several years, and really like this Park. They told us that it is very quiet here. The fishing is not as good as it has been in past years.

It costs $8US per nite to stay here. The Park provides fresh water, showers and toilets besides the dump station. There is no electric power. Most RVs here have solar panels.

Eric Moroney & Lee Houston.

10:30AM - Desert volunteers.
We were driving north on Hwy #1 and came to a place with a zillion cactus growing. We stopped to look closer, and MsTioga asked if any of them would like to come live in our garden. Well, would you believe that some did want to go with us? Hmmmm?

Volunteer cactus for the garden.

11AM - Shopping in El Centro.
Since MsTioga was running around, we decided to stop and shop for heavy things. We love to shop, but stuff like a 5 gallon water bottle is a bit heavy to haul up the BIG hill in the shopping cart. 5 gallons of purified drinking water costs 80 cents US. Is that pretty inexpensive?

Mini Super Moreno has a nice selection of juice. So we stopped there and bought a bottle of mandarin and one of pink grapefruit juice. Those juice bottles are pretty heavy too.

11:30AM - Back at our home on the BIG hill.
Mr. Levelers brought MsTioga level, and Mr. Datastorm zoomed up to go online. Jorge is anxious for the Adsense Webinar.

12:00 - Webinar has no audio feed.
Jorge was surprised that the Adsense Webinar had no audio. A notice came on the screen telling us that a phone audio feed was available. Since our phone connection costs $1.49/minute, this was not an option. At our next Webinar, we will get a VOIP service, which is much more reasonable.

Jorge did learn some things about this new Adsense program though. Video displays appeared on MsGQ with info about what advertisers see when searching for publishers to place their ads.

Adsense is not an easy program to understand. And this new "Targeted Ads Channel" thing is no exception. Jorge is very happy about it, even if he doesn't know how it works completely. Because our Adsense revenue has gone up sharply since we began using it.

5PM - Winds are shaking MsTioga.
Big winds too. Maybe 35 miles per hour in gusts are coming in from the northeast. Dark clouds to the southwest. No big storms though. MsTioga is shaking a lot. But Mr. Datastorm seems unaffected.


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