Thursday, December 28, 2006

3AM - MsTioga and George think about 2007 and beyond.
First, I would like to reveal to you how wonderful it is to just be able to mess around inside MsTioga at anytime. Day or nite. When I was a work-a-day guy, I had to get my sleep at nite or be tired at work. Now, anytime I want to play on the computer, I do it because I may always take a nap during the day. Love that!

I am going to post our 2007 trip plan sometime today. MsTioga and I know somethings about it though. Would you like us to share? Hmmmm?

We will remain here in Santa Rosalia during January. Then in February, we want to head south in order to visit with Javier Nava the fisherman who lives in San Carlos on the Pacific coast. I've been concerned about Javier's business. You may remember that Javier owns four very large fishing boats. I am concerned because his boats catch a HUGE amount of fish, and I do not believe that this quantity of a catch is sustainable, especially so since that subject has been much in the news recently.

MsTioga and I will then head south to visit with Gumaro Gonzalez and family on his rancho Boca del Salado. Of course we want to coordinate this visit with our good friend Michel the photographer. Michel is buying a huge new 4WD RV, as you may have read in his blog. If possible, I would like my trip to the Gonzalez rancho to be at a time when Michel's new RV is there also.

MsTioga and I will return to Santa Rosalia around the end of February, and remain there until sometime in April. Then we will head north, returning to the United States.

MsTioga and Mr. Sunny have asked for some things to be done when we return. MsTioga wants to have a new rubber roof installed. Mr. Sunny wants to enlarge his solar electric system, and make some needed changes as well. I believe that the low cost of living here in Mexico will allow the savings of enough cash to do these things.

The new roof and the solar electric changes will be an integrated job. I want to place on MsTioga's roof, the maximum amount of solar panels possible. The solar battery bank will be moved to the front of MsTioga, and will be located in a new cabinet that will replace the passenger seat. Moving of the battery bank to the front will balance the load, which is presently weighted to the rear, exceeding Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating by 620 lbs. The Front Gross Axle Weight Rating exceeds the actual weight by 1,060 lbs. So moving the battery bank to the front seems like a good idea from a balanced distribution of load perspective. More important to me, is that the battery bank will be much more accessible when it comes time for battery servicing. Now, it is difficult to add water to some of the cells, because the bank is presently located under the computer workstation desk.

MsTioga's roof air conditioner is never used, and will be removed to provide space for the additional solar panels. So you see how coordinating the new rubber roof with all the other stuff is important.

I've spent a considerable amount of time thinking about MsTioga's maintenance, which at times has been sort of high. I now conclude that the cost of maintaining a used MsTioga is much less than the cost of purchasing a replacement RV. I am now of the mind that MsTioga may be maintained to be my wonderful RV home for the rest of my life.

There are some additional things that I would like to do as well, but are lower in priority. The fiberglass walls of MsTioga are not to my liking. The way the joints are engineered with screwed on extruded aluminum caps just does not cut it for me. The newer RVs have fiber glass caps, that keep out the rain much better. I would like to have all of our aluminum joint caps removed and replaced with permanent fiberglass caps.

The bottom of MsTioga's house section has received many blows as I drove around over the past four years. I would like to have these "wounds" repaired. Also, I would like MsTioga to receive a nice new paint job, preserving her Santa Rosalia mine mural of course.

I estimate that it will take about a month, until the end of May, 2007, to get all of these things done. How much we will accomplish is dependent on how much cash we bank during our time in Mexico. Things are looking good so far though.

10AM - Chito Fund zooms under $1,000 to complete.
Three readers donated $125 yesterday. For two of them, this was their 2nd donation! Chito's electric project now needs only $973 more to complete funding.
Will you click the DONATE button now, OK?

Click here to go to the Chito Fund page where you will find a Donate button, OK?


1. Watch Little Mavicito's pics to see what gets done with your donation.
2. Better than a large charity. No overhead. 100% of your dollars go to Chito's home.
3. Receive a GIANT email hug from MsTioga.

1PM - El Jardín is bursting with new life!
Today three new plants entered the earth of El Jardín. Two cactus and one small tree. Chito gave Jorge the small tree, which produces lovely yellow bellshaped flowers all year long. Alty (Chito's wife) says that the tree is called, "Copa de Oro".

Are you able to see the small tree? Hint: Look where Jorge is pointing.
The tall cactus and small tree.

1:30PM - Openly discussing mental problems.
A reader emailed his opinion that by openly discussing my nearly committing suicide, I was an embarrassment to my family. [I wrote about suicide in my "Poor George's Almanac" blog.]

If you have been a reader for awhile, you have noticed that I am pretty open in my blogs. It is my belief that NOT being open is dishonest, and is itself a major problem.

I am bringing this subject out into the open, because it is the right thing to do.

2:30PM - Alejandra and Chito's birthday.
Alejandra and Jorge were talking and it came out in conversation that tomorrow was her birthday. Well, we cannot have a birthday without a birthday cake!
Alejandra making her own birthday cake!
While preparing the cake, the kids casually mentioned that their grandfather Chito's birthday is tomorrow too! Wow!

5PM - Victor and Jorge shopping for birthday candles.
What is a birthday cake without candles? So, Victor and Jorge went down to El Centro to buy some. The camino [road] back up is very steep. At the top we both rested, and looked down at El Centro below.

Victor resting while looking down at El Centro.


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