Tuesday, December 26, 2006

5AM - New values page.
Perhaps when you read my values, you found the whole thing sort of abstract? There was a missing page.

This morning I've published a definition and purpose of values. You might be really interested in the list of examples of moral decisions in this new page.

In his autobiography at about the age of 20, Benjamin Franklin wrote:
"It was about this time that I conceiv'd the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection. I wish'd to live without commiting any fault at any time...."

Note: If you wish to browse thru my values pages, there is a "Previous" "Next" link at the bottom of every page. Also an "Index" link.

8AM - Mr. Chips updates Chito Fund.
Good morning! This is MsTioga typing at you!

Fifty eight readers have donated to the Chito Fund. Are you one of them? Hmmmmm? How wonderful for you to watch as your donation is put to work.

Wouldn't you like to see the pics showing you what Barci the Electrician is doing each day, knowing that you had helped out? Mr. Chips says that we need only $1,453 dollars more to pay for the entire electric job.
Click here to go to the Chito Fund page where you will find a button to donate, OK?

10AM - Chito's clears the garden.
While Ms. GQ and Jorge were busy publishing webpages, Chito showed up in the garden. And with a "Buenos dias" called out to us, he went to work in the weed covered east end of the garden.

Chito grew up on a ranch, and worked for many years as a ranch hand. He really knows how to use the machete. In about 10 minutes, most of the weeds were cleared out, and the fruiteria bushes were trimmed!
The east garden cleared by Chito and his machete.

As Little Mavicito took a pano of the east garden, a colibrí swooped in to feed at our hummingbird feeder. Little Mavicito captured his first pic of a colibrí. The people of Cachania call the hummers colabrí, so that's what we do too.
Little Mavicito's first colibrí.

11AM - Barci begins working on the total project.
Barci the Electrician arrived with all of the material to complete the electric project on Chito and Alty's home. You are probably thinking that $1,453 dollars more are required for the project. You are right, not enough donations have been received to complete.

However, MsTioga and Jorge believe that this is the right thing to do, and have faith that things will work out OK.
Barci on the job!

4PM - Colibrí and the ants.
Chito, Victor and Jorge were looking at the many colibrí coming for a late lunch. Bunches of them. Then we saw some ants on the plastic flower. Then we saw perhaps a few hundred ants that had drowned in the sugar water! Wow!

New sugar water was prepared, and when Jorge went out to hang it on the tree, the colabrí circled around his head just as readers predicted they would do.

To prevent ants from doing the same thing, the flower is now hanging from a strong thread, and a small cardboard goes around the thread.
Little Mavicito is only about 3 feet away.

5PM - Visiting with Poncho Sanchez.
Poncho is the Padrino [Godfather] to the chamacos. Poncho went north for a month visiting family in Ensenada, San Diego and East Los Angeles. When Poncho returned to Cachania, he came over to visit at MsTioga's. This afternoon we want to return that visit at Poncho's.

Victor is visiting at MsTioga's, so we both decide to go together over to Poncho's, and receive permission from grandmother Alty. Before we leave, a roast beast is placed in the oven at 250°F. This will be a very slow roast.

When we arrive at Poncho's, there is a fiesta going on. A bunch of guys are on the front porch drinking beer and eating botañas [chips and dip]. Jorge has one beer, and then another. It is a good time, and Jorge does not hear Little Mavicito screaming in his pocket to take a pic.

Victor who is usually very active, is a little shy at this gathering of men drinking beer and joking, and stays very close to Jorge. Hmmmmm?

7PM - Raymundo and the Linksys receiver.
Our friend Raymundo asked at the fiesta Navidad if Jorge could help getting his computer connected to the internet. We just happened to have a Linksys inside MsTioga that we are not using. Jorge is to be at Raymundo's in El Centro at 7PM to install the Linksys. The roast beast is checked, and it is looking good. So off Jorge goes down the little camino past Commandante Armando and Mary Paz home.

It is past dark, so Jorge is carrying a little flashlight. On the way, there is a vegetable/fruit store. Several garlic are bought. The camino descends into El Centro and we come out into the street where the two banks are located. Raymundo's is a few blocks away.

The computer is setup and the software installed. However, there is something wrong with the motherboard. The PCI slot is too close to the computer case, and the card will not enter the slot. Jorge advises Raymundo to get help from an experienced computer person, and we make plans to get together tomorrow to see what may be done.

On the walk back up the BIG hill, we go the same path as coming down. It is quiet walking the winding path past the houses that are glued to the hillside. There is enough light from the windows so that the little flashlight is not necessary all the time.

Upon arriving at MsTioga's, we find the roast beast is absolutely perfect. Ms. GQ is booted up, and while that is going on Jorge goes out into the garden and sits on one of the large rocks. The lights of the Pueblo are below, and some sounds drift up. Ms. GQ calls out that she is all booted up and ready. But Jorge does not go inside. It is too wonderful sitting out on the garden rock. A little later is time enough to go inside.
Roast beast brochette for supper.


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