Sunday, December 31, 2006

5AM - The purpose for my life.
During July, 1993 while I was creating my Values, I was also searching for a statement which would define what I wanted. This statement would set out the purpose of my life.

By February, 1996, this statement had changed for the fourth time. Since then, the statement has not changed again, except two months later I added one additional phrase. Would you like to read this last statement?

What do I really want?
To know myself. To have clear goals. To go thru my life with ease, tranquility and peace with God.
Revised: February, 1996 [Added: April, 1996 "with God"]

The reason behind the purpose.
To know myself completely in order to be the best person that I can be. Nobody knows what comes after this life. I want to be the best person possible, in order to prepare for whatever may come.

10:30AM - Sunday breakfast!
Does breakfast on Sunday's around your home mean pancakes or waffles, eggs and bacon? Hmmmmm?

These scrambled eggs have chopped up fresh fried garlic. Ever since Jorge went over to Raymundo's home for the Christmas fiesta and tasted his Sandra's [wife] shrimp with garlic, he has been putting fresh garlic into nearly everything!

The chocolate cupcakes on the table are not part of breakfast. MsTioga whipped up a batch to give to Chito, Alty and the family for a Happy New Year thing. These three cupcakes were somehow left behind? Hmmmmm!
Sunday breakfast at MsTioga's.

1:30PM - Bench for the Little Room.
Chito uses an old kitchen table with one broken leg to store things on in what the family calls "The Little Room". Jorge asked Chito permission to use a board that was just hanging in the garage to make a bench to replace the old table.

You know how much Jorge loves to build and repair things. So you may only imagine how much fun this new bench is for Jorge!
The new bench in El Cuartito.

3:30PM - Walking with Lassie.
Jorge wants to take a walk with Lassie in Bella Vista, the neighborhood behind MsTioga. Grandma Alty gives permission. This time however, Jorge is prepared to walk with Lassie. He wears his work gloves, and holds Lassie's chain tight. Also, Jorge carries a stick with which to defend against other dogs.

At the beginning of the walk, Lassie is very afraid of Jorge's stick, and cowers. But Jorge pets Lassie and tells him that the stick is only for other dogs, and that he would never hit Lassie. Now Lassie is not afraid of the stick anymore.

As we pass the home of Chito's friend Salvatorre, Lassie spots a cat and takes off after it. Jorge is caught unaware, and goes tumbling into the street, landing on his back with his feet in the air. But Jorge still has hold of Lassie, and is not hurt. It is necessary when walking with Lassie to always be 100% aware!

We are looking for the home of Chutín the water guy and his wife Lupe who live in Bella Vista. After asking several people, we arrive at Chutín's home. Lassie is tied to a tree and out of the house comes Lupe who tells Jorge that Chutín is working. Jorge is invited to visit.

Lupe has prepared many buñuelos for the meal this evening. The buñuelos appear to be fried flat breads. They look like fried tortillas and are a dark brown color. Lupe asks if Jorge would like to eat one and he says "yes". Lupe sprinkles honey on the buñuelo and Jorge find that these things are delicious.

As we return back home, Lassie is really tired. Lassie does not receive much exercise being tied up all the time in his backyard. Jorge plans to walk more with Lassie. This walk was a good time.

Note: Little Mavicito wanted to go on the walk with Lassie, but Jorge did not believe this to be a good idea. Lassie is too much to handle while taking pics.

8PM tonite - Jorge invited to supper.
Tonite is New Year's eve. Jorge has been invited to fiesta at his friends Poncho & Francesca. Also Jorge is invited to Cesar & Blanca's home [inlaws of friend Raymundo]. Jorge received a third invititation this afternoon. Lupe, wife of his friend Chutín has given an invitation for supper tonite, and that invitation has been accepted.

A batch of chocolate chip cookies are being baked to give to Lupe for a supper gift.


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