Saturday, December 30, 2006

6:30AM - Chito Fund electric project news!
We have some very exciting electric project news for you this morning!
  1. The fund blasted thru the $3K barrier.
  2. "CW" is our first 3-time donor.
  3. Donations needed to completely fund project, $633.
  4. The donation button in our daily posts does not work correctly. If you tried to make a donation over the past several days, and had trouble, please use the button that you will find in the Chito Fund page. Link is in the left column.
NOTE: If you do not wish to use PayPal, or PayPal does not work for you, send me an email and I will reply with an address for you to mail your check for the Chito Fund. The email link is at the bottom of this page in the footer.

SeƱor Varsy our electrician, has completed his work all around the outside of the main house, and is now installing new stuff around the kitchen/garage building.
Varsy wiring kitchen/garage.

A closer view.

8AM - Chito and Alejandra's birthday.
Early in the morning, Jorge brought over the birthday cake for Chito and his grand daughter Alejandra who were both born on the same day of the year. The candles were lit, and the birthday song sung.

Then we all ate a nice piece of cake at the table in the kitchen!
Alejandra, Chito, Victor and Ana Karen.

12 Noon - Lunch at Mariscos Neto.
We know that Little Mavicito has shown you pics of the wonderful meals that Mariscos Neto serves. But they are sooooo wonderful and so inexpensive, that they deserve to be shown again and again and again!

Jorge treated himself to this dish shown below, which is listed on the menu as, "Pescado al mojo con ajo" [Fish prepared in oil with garlic].
All this for $5.50US!

2PM - Ana Karen is getting ambitious.
This afternoon, Ana Karen came over looking for a job. She suggested cleaning MsTioga's inside. MsTioga readily accepted.

Ana worked an hour cleaning everything from the bathroom to the backup monitor!
Ana earned $20 pesos for her work.


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