Friday, December 29, 2006

6AM - Tech time at MsTioga's.
Battery maintenance:
For Mr. Sunny's battery bank, it is maintenance time. The bank is located underneath the computer workstation. The station was designed with maintenance in mind, and the desktop is made of 3-parts. Each part is removable in order to give access to the equipment below.

When the center section over the battery bank was removed, Little Mavicito sees that the windstorms of the past month have covered the bank with dust.
Before maintenance.

Each battery is cleaned up, watered, and the cable nuts tightened.It took a little over an hour to do the maintenance this morning. The bank was thirsty, and took almost a gallon of distilled water which is a little more than usual.

These (6) Exide Golf Car batteries were bought from Sam's Club about April, 2003 [$47/each]. They are still going strong at almost four year's service. One cell of battery 1X has always been low, and has been at 1250 on our hydrometer. All the other cells read 1300. Next time batteries are bought, a hydrometer test will be made before buying.

Below is a pic of the measuring bowl/funnel with a built in valve. Makes watering the battery bank easy work. Jorge believes that he bought his funnel at an AutoZone store.
Measuring/funnel with a valve.

Computer maintenance:
Onboard MsTioga we have two computers. Mr. Chips our backup computer is a Compaq desktop. Ms. GQ our daily laptop computer, is a Fry's Electronics "GQ" brand. Here in MsTioga, we go overboard to insure that we always have a computer. That is why we have (2) computers onboard.

Since buying these computers during the fall of 2005, we have wanted both computers to be images of each other with the same file structure. Yesterday we were able to achieve this goal with the purchase of "Move Me" from Spearit Software.

This simple to use software did exactly what was wanted. No glitches! We had to copy/paste the desktop file to get that right, but this was easy. When you buy a new computer, Move Me easily copies your old computer on to the new!

Now the monitors of both computers are exact duplicates. Even the desktop has the same image [our own Mesa Arch!]. Every shortcut icon is in the same place on each monitor!

"Genie Backup Manager Home 7.0" is being used on a trial basis for incremental backups. Our first backup using Genie went great.

1:30PM - MsTioga teaches Little Mavicito about life.
Little Mavicito was sitting on the computer table when Mr. Chips mentioned to Ms. GQ that we received (1) donation yesterday for $10. Little Mavicito ran over to MsTioga and told her that he was worried. "What will happen if we do not get the money to pay SeƱor Barci for his work?", asked Little Mavicito.

MsTioga replied, "Do not worry Little Mavicito, everything will be alright".

"But I am worried, MsTioga. What can I do?"

"Just be the best camera that you can be", answered MsTioga.

"Is that all Jorge has to do also? Be the best that he can be?", asked Little Mavicito. "Do you see what Jorge is doing now?", answered MsTioga.

Little Mavicito looked around, "Yes, he is over there cleaning your door."

"Is Jorge doing a good job?"

"The door looks pretty clean. I think that he is doing a good job."

"Then Jorge is doing all that he can do", said MsTioga. And MsTioga told Little Mavicito, "You go outside and take your best pic of Jorge cleaning my door, OK?"

Little Mavicito went outside and took the best pic that he could of Jorge cleaning the door. Now that he knew that everything would be alright, he was not worried anymore.

Later on, MsTioga was heard talking to herself and saying, "Things may not turn out as we wish, but they always work themselves out."
Jorge cleaning the door.


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