Wednesday, December 27, 2006

7AM - The Sea is calm
Here in Cachania when the Sea of Cortez is calm, there is no wind. And it is very calm today. Little Mavicito went to the far porch to take a pic of Jorge looking for the sun to rise over the Pueblo.
View from Chito's porch

8AM - Good day for burning
The Team has been waiting for a good burning day. Today is it. There is no wind. MsTioga's water hoses are laid out and connected to her water supply [just in case]. Jorge is using Chito's rake to move brush from the far pile to the burning one.
Burning the brush

It only took about 30 minutes to burn the big pile of brush. Jorge is waiting for the fire to burn out in order to put out. Dead out.
Fire burning down

9AM - There are tons of colibrí
Jorge wants to thank the several readers who wrote about putting Vaseline on the thread from which the colibrí [hummingbird] feeder is hanging. The Vaseline stopped the ants completely!

It is clear now why the sugar water that the colibrí drink goes down so fast. There are several dozen of these cute little birdies. And they come to drink and hang out around the mequite tree all day long.

Different colors. Different size beaks. The colibrí are so friendly! You would not believe. After drinking their fill, some will sit on a branch only inches from Jorge. They are sooooooo cute!

10AM - Banner donation day for Chito Fund!
MsTioga and Jorge are sooooooo happy to report that eight readers donated $355 in one day for Chito's electric project! Only $1,098 more will push us over the top and completely pay Barci the Electrician for a totally new electric system.

Click here to go to the Chito Fund page where you will find the donate button, OK?
Barci running the refrigerator line


1. Watch Little Mavicito's pics to see what gets done with your donation.
2. Better than a large charity. No overhead. 100% of your dollars go to Chito's home.
3. Receive a GIANT email hug from MsTioga.

Old refrigerator line 
Rusty and dangerous


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