Friday, December 01, 2006

12:01AM - Distractions from living.
Jorge often loves to eat his meals with no radio. Just being here, quietly enjoying food, tasting every single bite, listening to the dogs of the Pueblo barking.

Every year around birthday time, Jorge comes up with a goal for his following year. He is still thinking about this year's goal. Last year's goal has been pretty well achieved. Would you like to read it? Hmmmmm?

November 27, 2005 - Goal for my 68th year.
To live in the now. Not dreaming about the future,
nor living in the past. Does not mean I stop thinking
about my past & future.
Just that I don't project myself there.

Jorge has this idea that if his mind dwells in the future, that is where fear and anxiety live. And, when dwelling in the future he is not in the now of time, the only place he may truly live.

Dwelling in the past may lead to sorrowful thoughts of missed opportunities, longing for a different life, lost love. Even when thinking about good things of the past, he does not want to dwell there, or compare his life now with that past. Every second spent in the past is one less in the now of time, the only place where he may truly live.

7AM - Wind came back.
Last nite around midnite, the wind decided that it had enough of running around here like a mad thing. And went to sleep. But this morning we find that it is a restless sleep. When wind turns over in his bed, he still blows around a bit before settling down.

10AM - Repair
ing downed wire.During the storm the wind was pretty strong at times. The wind blew down electric wires for Chito's front yard lights. These wires fell too close to the ground. Jorge promised Chito to repair the problem this morning.

Victor showed Jorge where the large ladder is kept and even helped Jorge carry the ladder!

The wires had come off their attachment to the garage. Also, the wires were attached much too low. Jorge is preparing a strain relief and will re-attach the wires as far up on the roof as he may reach.

Jorge repairs down light wire.

4:30PM - Studying English with Loli.
Today is English day at Loli's store. Do you remember yesterday when Jorge met Loli? We made an agreement to study together. Loli would learn English from Jorge, and Jorge would learn Spanish from Loli

While we were doing our learning, customers would come into the store. Then we would stop. It is very interesting being in this little grocery. Loli extends credit to about 20 of her customers. Each credit purchase is written into a notebook. When a purchase is made, the date, what was bought and the total price is added to that customer's credit page. Customers have 15 days to pay.

Ana Karen at Loli's.
Being in Loli's grocery is really great! And everybody comes to shop there because this is the only store in Colonia Bella Vista. Chito, Alejandra, Ana Karen and Victor came to buy things while Jorge was in the store.

Jorge met a very nice lady in the store, a friend of Loli. Her name is Ines, and she lives closeby in Colonia Bella Vista. Ines invited Jorge for coffee tomorrow. But Little Mavicito will not be invited. Jorge receives too many emails from readers commenting on the looks of ladies he meets and the possibilities for romance!

8PM - Have you noticed our new buttons?
Jorge downloaded a program called, "Just Buttons." The idea is to replace permanent links with button images. Do you like them? As you may have guessed, Jorge loves them.

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