Monday, January 29, 2007

1:30AM - Working in the early morning?
Jorge did not feel sleepy. Thinking about the exciting things coming up soon about repairing MsTioga drove sleep away! We on The Team are Vagabonders-Supreme! We do what we want, when we want.

The air-return register needs to be repainted. Do you remember that we took off the register a few days ago in order to look at conditions behind it? The register has some rust on the bottom that needs to cleaned off. In the pic below, Jorge cleans the register with a wire brush. And he is in his pajamas! Wow! What a guy!!
Jorge wire brushes the register.

Where the register lives.

10AM - Breakfast at the airport.
Did you know that Santa Rosalia has an airport? Well, it is more like a landing strip. We have filled up on propane gas, and plan to eat breakfast at the airport.

The landing strip is maintained, and perhaps 1/2 mile long. The old hanger behind Jorge is ready to fall down. In the pic below, Jorge points toward Santa Rosalia.
Santa Rosalia International Airport.

2PM - Beatriz shoe store.
Chito told Jorge that he bought his shoes at the Beatriz store in Rancheria. Jorge went to Beatriz, and found shoes that he liked. Jorge had never bartered before, and decided that he would do it today.

When the man asked Jorge how he like the shoes, Jorge replied, "They are OK." "Would you like to pay for them now?", asked the man. Jorge told the man that he was waiting. "What are you waiting for?", asked the man. "I am waiting for you to begin bartering!", answered Jorge.

The shoes were listed for $375 pesos [$34US]. The man reduced the price to $300 pesos [$27US] The shoes are leather on top.
Jorge's new shoes.

5:30PM - God bless the puppy that has got its own!
Do you remember the little puppy named "Manchiti" that Victor fell in love with? This afternoon, Victor found Manchiti near MsTioga. She was very weak, and could hardly walk.

Manchiti lived with a family along the little camino below Hill Camp. About a week ago, Manchiti got sick and couldn't eat. It is impossible for Manchiti in her condition, to walk up the steep camino to Hill Camp. The family that she lived with, must have dumped her near MsTioga.

There was nothing to do but to take Manchiti to the veterinarian in El Centro. We were shocked to learn that this vet, was an irresponsible man. He did not want to take Manchiti and to do what is right by this little dog. There was nothing to do but for me to walk away.

God bless the puppy that has got its own! And the puppies that do not have their own suffer.
Manchiti on a better day.


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