Monday, January 01, 2007

1AM - New Year's eve supper with Chutín's family.
What a wonderful gift Jorge received when Lupe [Chutín's wife] invited him to New Year's eve supper. We will tell you all about it when Jorge and Little MavicitoI wake up later on. Now, they both have to get some sleep.

MsTioga and Jorge wish you a very happy new year!

The story of New Years Eve at the Home of Chutín.
8PM - Jorge and Little Mavicito walk to Chutín's home.
Jorge is soooooo happy to be invited to share New Year's Eve with the family of Chutín, our friend who works for the water company.

Would you like to meet the family? Hmmmmmmm?

My friend Chutín.

Lupe, Chutín's wife making tortillas.

Rosario, Lupe's Mom making salsa.

Chutín and his sister-in-law, Rosalia.

Chutín's son Lorenzo
with his wife Elvira and two kids.

Lorenzo at the asador preparing the meat.
Do you see the lights of El Centro below?

Chutín and Lupe celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on January 13th at the church. Chutín invited Jorge and Little Mavicito to attend, and of course we accepted!

7:13AM - The dawn and promise of 2007!
Jorge, Little Mavicito and MsTioga out to greet the first dawn of the New Year. Do you see that Jorge is wearing his pajamas? What a guy!
The dawn of a new year!

1:30PM - Would you like to send a check to Señor Chito?
How about mailing your check to help Señor Chito with his electric project? Would you like to do that? Hmmmm?

Send Jorge an email asking for the address to mail your check. The email link is in the footer of this post. Look for "Contact/Email".
PS: If you do not like PayPal, send a check, OK?


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