Wednesday, January 31, 2007

5AM - Peeling garlic calms my soul.
I love to peel garlic the slow way, which sets the mood for preparing a meal. And so does XM Radio Channel 77, recommended by my friend Michel the photographer. These two things, set my pace at slow.

I enjoy food preparation soooooooo much! Going slow makes food prep last.

12:30PM - The rain storm.
You might call this rain storm a drizzle. The rain drifted in from the Pacific Ocean to dampen the earth here in Santa Rosalia.

But here in the land of little rain, this storm is BIG news. Sometimes only a foot of rain falls in five years. So this deluge will be the topic of conversation for awhile.

People here will be asking, "When was the last time that rain fell in January?" Perhaps nobody can remember, it has been so long!
Rain on MsTioga's window.

5:30PM - Burning the cut lime trees.
During the late morning today, I tried so hard to burn the lime trees that are on the ground in front of the garden. Only about half would burn. It would not be a good thing to head south with this pile of rubbish remaining.
This is what is left after this morning's burn.

If this rubbish were cut in small pieces that would fit into the incinerator/barrel, that would get the job done. However, then came the rain. Trying to work in the rain was not a good thing. Soon my jacket and pants were soaked.

Deciding to wait out the storm did not work. By 3:30PM, the rain had been coming down for three hours! When the going gets tough, the tough take a nap.

I woke up at 5:30PM and there was no rain!! There was still enough sunlight to continue the burn. The ashes in the incinerator were still smoldering. As the cut branches were put into the barrel, they dried out and soon came a nice fire. By the time dark came, nearly all of the rubbish had been burned!
Incinerator/barrel after the rain started.


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