Friday, January 26, 2007

6AM - MsTioga's clock.
Jorge was looking at MsTioga's clock and wondered, "Has MsTioga's clock always moved so fast?" The second hand was racing. It seemed as though it only took a few seconds for this racing second hand to pass twelve and then return. "Does a clock move faster and faster, as we grow older and older?"

Jorge looked at the TV above the clock. The TV does not work here in Santa Rosalia. The signal is very weak this far south, and the DirecTV account has been put on hold until The Team returns to the USA.

And now, Jorge knows that the TV will never work again. The TV is a diversion from the now of time. There have been too many seconds lost to diversions. Jorge, MsTioga and The Team love their life! Want to live in the now of time every single second. There will be no more diversions from the miracle of our life!

7:30AM to 11:30AM - Jorge's morning things.
Jorge went to the garden. It is water day, when the pueblo's water pumps fill the giant concrete tank. After filling MsTioga's water tank, the fruiteria trees are watered. Then the little cactus plants are tended, the sand that fills the tiny holes in which they are planted is cleared. Water for the cactus to drink now fills the cleared holes.

Jorge heard Michel the photographer's XM radio playing the day's news. Maybe it is BBC? Later on, we knock on Michel's door. He is busy with today's blog which turns out to be about Michel's story of the woman he has been calling "Princess."

Chito needs the horses [Mexican's call them burros] that have been used in the fence construction. Jorge makes a new table out of a summer bed that Chito has.
Little Mavicito captures Jorge and his table.

4PM - Am I afraid to be wrong?
Michel and I are sitting outside MsTioga. I had been sharing with Michel about my enlightenment in my quest to find out the inside of myself. The emotional and mental stuff. I believe completely, that I NOW know who I am, and why I do ALL the things that I do.

Michel challenged me with "How could I know how I relate to others, if I live a solo life-not in close daily contact with others?" I would not reply to Michel. Just downright refused. Last month my Uncle Seymour challenged me about the meaning behind my "Poor George's Almanac" blog. And I refused to discuss Seymour's challenge that time as well. What is going on here?

This evening it came to me what had happened. I am afraid to be wrong. After the miracle of my self-discovery, after searching for my entire lifetime and then finding out exactly who I am and why I do all of the things that I do, I cannot now find that I am wrong. And that I have achieved nothing!

And so, I refused to reply. Refused to address the question. Yes, I was terrified to even get close that question.

However, now I have calmed down. And with courage, looked at the question and the answer. I am NOT wrong. I am dead-center, right-on-target. I do not need to be in daily close living contact in order to know how I now relate to others. It is sufficient to have regular contact, in order for me to evaluate correctly the quality of my face-to-face relationships.

I will not be afraid again to take a challenge in the future. This afternoon was a water-shed time for me.

6:30AM - Fish for supper.
It is a treat of treats for me to have a guest inside MsTioga for a meal. This afternoon, Michel accepted the offer of supper which will be fish prepared in a butter sauce with loads of garlic. "Sounds good", replied Michel when he accepted my invitation.

Eating inside MsTioga is not just eating. It is also talking about things while I prepare the meal. Michel has no idea whether the fish that I am preparing, will taste delicious [as I promised] or not!

It takes about an hour to prepare the food. First a ton of garlic is pealed and cut into small chunks. The fish, fresh Gruper [a marvelous fish] is cut into bite size pieces. A salad is prepared.

The garlic is fried in oil until it is a golden brown. Then the Gruper is fried, and seasoned with salt with powdered garlic. When the fish is done to perfection, sweet butter is added until the fish is swimming in the butter. Garlic salt is added to the butter until it tastes magnificent.

While the fish is simmering in butter, rice that I had prepared previously is warmed up. When the rice is nice and warm, it is ladled on to the dish as a bed-of-rice. The simmering fish is poured over the rice bed. The butter with the garlic is poured over the fish. It is time to eat!
Fish prepared in garlic butter.

Michel with the fish supper.

Was supper good? It was better than good. Supper was spectacular!


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