Saturday, January 27, 2007

8:30AM - Michel heading north.
This morning, our friend Michel will be heading north. Everybody on The Team is happy for Michel, because he will be heading toward exciting adventure. We had a fantastic time visiting with Michel, here at Hill Camp and walking with him in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia.

In the pic below, Michel talks with Jorge about where he will be Camping this evening. Perhaps at the Dos Palapas at El Tomatal where Jorge and MsTioga stayed in November.
Michel leaving Hill Camp today.

4PM - Change in fence.
Reader Mike wrote suggesting that the fence would not sag if a rail were rotated 90°. In the pic below, we have rotated the bottom rail 90°. Thank you, Mike!
Reader Mike's suggestion.

One section of fence is complete!
Lassie inspects the complete fence section


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