Monday, January 15, 2007

8AM - Finding a doctor.
This morning Jorge and Little Mavicito will go out to find a doctor. Jorge believes that he has "walking pneumonia" as we wrote about in yesterday's post.

Down the hill from our Camp, is a radiological laboratory. Our first stop will be to ask at this lab for a recommended doctor. There is a hospital across from the Museum. However we believe that this hospital is for Mexican citizens belonging to a certain health program.

9:30AM - Jorge does not have pneumonia.
The radiological lab is owned and operated by Dr. Cornado De La Torre. In only 15 minutes, an X-ray of my chest was taken. Pretty fast, huh?
Rayos XY Ultraxonido de Santa Rosalia.

While waiting for my X-ray to be developed and analyzed, Little Mavicito was being entertained by Rebecca, whose Mom was waiting in the office too. Rebecca was searching for small stones in the planter.
Rebecca the stone hunter.

Dr. De La Torre showed me my X-ray, and said that there was no sign of pneumonia. The doctor gave me a recommendation to visit Dr. Orozco, an internist whose office is in El Centro.

The cost of the X-ray and diagnosis by Dr. De La Torre is $500 pesos [$46US].

10AM - Health care.
It seems that getting health care here in Mexico, is a lot easier and faster to obtain than back in the USA! Very good thing to know.

If you have been reading my website for awhile, you may be aware that I do not go for health care fishing expeditions. My plan is to seek medical care for things that are obvious. Such as my concern for pneumonia this morning. However, I will not be going to Dr. Orozco with no specific complaint.

I am no longer interested in any health care idea that includes "looking for something wrong." This may mean that something comes along that kills me. Fine, that is what I want. Until then, I will be living my life without doctor's appointments.

12 Noon - The going gets tough!
It has been very windy and cold this morning, and temperature is again in the mid 50s°F. Little Mavicito is anxious to go outside and take pics. He asks MsTioga, "Are we going to stay inside all day?" "I think so.", replied MsTioga. "What will we do all day if stay inside?", asked Little Mavicito.

MsTioga put on her wise face, and answered, "When the going gets tough, the tough bake cookies." And so, MsTioga began to mix up a batch of Peanut Butter Chip Cookies.

Little Mavicito seemed happy with the peanut butter cookie idea. It was an idea that he could wrap his camera strap around.
A batch of cookies in the making.

6:30PM - Is it cold in your camper?
This evening, Chito asked me, "Is it cold in your camper?" I replied, "No, it is very warm." Chito looked at me questioningly. I could see by his face, that this was not the reply that he expected. His question was just idle conversation.

I went on, "There is a big heater inside MsTioga." It was right then that I realized that the family had no heater in their home. It had never dawned on me before. I have no plans to install a heater for them, so please understand that right off. I am just commenting on a shocking observation that I had this evening.


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