Sunday, February 11, 2007

4AM - Vagabonder thinking.
Would you love to find the things that MsTioga finds when she is traveling? Hmmmmm? Here is how you may do that!

Have no destination when you start traveling in the morning, and no fixed time to get there. Then, reset you brain's curiousity level to maximum intensity. You see everything! The mountains in the distance. The little blue flower along the road. All of it.

In order to do all of this seeing, you must drive pretty slow. This means that you may be pulling over often to let others pass you, right? Don't be in a hurry to get back to driving again. Look around your pull-over place. Who knows what may be there?

You may be in the country, and see a well cared for farm. Stop and introduce yourselves. Ask permission to park for the nite. The possibilities are endless!

Your #1 goal is enjoying yourself. That's what vagabonding is all about! If you ever find yourself bored, this means that you've taken your eye off that #1 goal.

Note: Remember that MsTioga has prepared herself to be a perfect over nite guest, because she is always hooked up. With a huge solar electric system, MsTioga does not have to run her generator. MsTioga has her own leveling jacks, allowing leveling in a minute. No getting outside and doing the laborious leveling task. MsTioga has internet access, everywhere she goes.

You may want to think about these things for your own RV, if you want to enter the vagabonding life for yourself, OK?

God has NOT forgotten the United States of America
I am a patriot. The same kind of patriot that you read about in history books. Perhaps not the quality of patriot as Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Lincoln. But a patriot nevertheless.
As a patriot, I must speak out about the change in our country's future that is happening now.

I voted for George Bush. Perhaps I am the only person in America today who will admit to that. I was taken in by Bush and the conservative party arguments. But now the air is clearing, and it is time, way past time, to write about what happened, and why.

About the time that Ronald Reagan became president of the United States, the destiny of the working person began to fall. I voted for Ronald Reagan too. Wow!

One of the miracle arguments that has been used against working people, is that raising the minimum wage is bad for the people. Yes! But what people? Certainly NOT the people who are working for $6 bucks an hour. So no raise in the minimum wage has been given for a dozen or so years. Is this right? No! It is wrong. But we were told that raising the minimum wage was bad for our economy and we believed it.

Citizens in the United States used to be put into prison for not paying their debts. In fact, thruout history, this has been done all over the world. Thousands have died because of this terrible kind of law. Yet in 2005, with the endorsement of the conservative party and President Bush, bankruptcy laws that have protected the working people of America since the Great Depression were changed.

The cynicism behind the arguments for this change that took away bankruptcy protection for destitute people is beyond my ability to describe. And who received the benefits of this rotten law? Huge credit card companies and banks, that is who! These credit card companies gave out credit to anybody. They set aside commonly used standards to approve credit worthy applicants. Anybody got a credit card. People who could not qualify for a standard bank loan, found themselves loaded down with dozens of credit cards with credit limits of many $1,000s of dollars.

When some used this credit, and found themselves unable to pay, of course they used bankruptcy protection laws. But the rotten credit card companies wanted their money. They used their political muscle to cause the current completely despicable bankruptcy law to be passed by congress, and of course President George Bush signed this legislation into law.

When the terrible act of violence of September 11, 2001 occurred and some 3,000 people were killed, President George Bush convinced the people of America that the only thing to do was to go over there and get those guys that did it. But then, things changed. Instead of just going there to get those guys, President George Bush decided to democratize the entire world. Bush started this democratization process in Iraq. And now some six years later, after more than 3,000 of our military have been murdered, and who knows how many citizens of Iraq killed, we are still being told that this is the right thing to do.

Has God forgotten the United States of America? No! We are not forgotten. Because a Black Amercan Patriot and United States Senator from the State of Illinois yesterday declared himself a candidate to be the next President of the United States.

Barack Obama will be the next President of our country. Obama will bring us back from the brink of disaster. A man of color, in a world of people of color. Barack Obama will be a leader who the world will be able to easily identify with and trust.

God bless our country and its people!

3PM - MsTioga and Jorge are in the City of Loreto.
We went shopping, and Jorge bought a nice pair of blue jeans. Then we went shopping for groceries.

We will tell you all about what happened today a little later on. It is MUCH too warm inside MsTioga now. 99°F !! Wow! Little Mavicito and Jorge are going to sit across the road in the shade now. When it gets cooler, we will come back, OK?

5PM - Siesta across the street from Camp.
It has finally cooled off, and inside MsTioga now it is only 89°F.
Siesta time across from MsTioga.

Jorge bought himself a pair of blue jeans. Size 34 waist, and it is not tight! The price was $295 pesos which Jorge followed up with a $200 peso bid. We agreed on $250 pesos [$23US].
Jorge's new jeans.

Our Nite Camp Location

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