Wednesday, February 21, 2007

4PM - Jorge back at The Institute!
Once upon a time, Jorge worked out at a gym in Walnut Creek, California. His work-out partner was his good friend, Mr. Dick!

We called where we worked out, "The Institute", because we discussed science, the Universe, Einstein, etc., while we exercised. These were things that we did not fully understand, but wished that we did.

A few days ago, Jorge began working out again. There are a set of 20 lb. dumbells inside MsTioga. Working out again is really great!

"Hey, Mr. Dick! I'm back!!"

8AM - Changing MsTioga's fender skirt.
MsTioga did not like the aluminum molding at the bottom edge of her right and left side. This molding had been bent during our travels, and is very hard to repair. The decision was made to eliminate this molding.

However, the molding fit into the fender skirt. When the molding was removed, this slot in the fender skirt remained. Jose our fiberglass guy, suggested "cutting off" the end of the molding, and he would fiberglass and blending it in.

The pic below shows the molding that was just removed held next to the fender skirt.
Molding removed and fender skirt.

In this pic below, I am cutting off the bottom of the plastic fender skirt with my saber saw.
Cutting off fender skirt.

Below is what the cut-off fender skirt looks like now. After Jose blends in this cut-off piece with fiberglass, it should look great!
Cut-off skirt.

9AM - MsTioga's fiberglass roof.
Jose is now removing all of MsTioga's EPDM rubber roof, in preparation for laying the new fiberglass roof. Yesterday, the perimeter of the roof was layed up. Today, the entire roof will be covered with fiberglass, and overlap the perimeter.
Removing the old rubber roof.

Jose laying up the fiberglass roof.

Jose looks at Little Mavicito taking his pic.

4PM - Fiberglass roof is done.
Jose is a jolly, friendly guy. Always joking and making everybody around him feel great. In the pic below, Jose has just finished fiberglassing the roof and gives us a great smile!
Jose leaves MsTioga's roof with a BIG smile!

About my stolen T-Mobile cell phone:
According to the contract, I am responsible for all phone calls, even when my cell phone is stolen.

I did not report the cell phone as stolen, because I never took it out of MsTioga. I just figured that it had dropped down behind something, and I it would turn up. Of course I was shocked when I went to pay the monthly bill, and found that instead of $43/month it was $157 for the month. I then notified T-Mobile, and they stopped my service. But by then on the new month, there were already $1,200++ worth of calls.

Yes, I suspect that I know who took the phone. However, I am not going public on my blog with such info.


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