Sunday, February 18, 2007

4PM - MsTioga's kitchen floor.
MsTioga was browsing thru the Fleetwood Tioga brochure that she obtained during her plant tour in 2005. MsTioga was looking for ideas for her paint job, and what colors she would like to be!

In the brochure, MsTioga spotted a linoleum floor in the kitchen.
Pic of photo showing linoleum floor.

"I would like linoleum in my kitchen", said MsTioga. So, at 4AM the carpet was taken up revealing the linoleum underneath. MsTioga is soooooo happy about her kitchen floor now.

Somehow the linoleum has a pink stain. We will work hard to remove that stain!
MsTioga's linoleum floor.

10AM - MsTioga's paint job.
After the fiberglass work is all finished, MsTioga will return to SeƱor Gilberto's carroceria to get a brand new look. She will be completely repainted! MsTioga was looking at the pic below from the Fleetwood brochure to get ideas about colors.

So far, a white paint job with brownish decorations seems to be the thing. MsTioga does not like the boomerang things in the pic below. Something more traditional is what she wants.
Will MsTioga look like this RV?


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