Thursday, February 08, 2007

5AM - Chito's car destroyed!
Last Tuesday, Chito had just bought some gasoline at the Pemex, and was driving along the highway returning home. Chito says that he stepped on his brakes, and his foot slipped onto the accelerator. The car somehow then went into a skid sideways and collided with a palm tree planted along the sidewalk.

The collision was so strong, that the car's right side was severly damaged. I have not seen the car yet, but Chito says that this damage is very bad that the car is destroyed.

6AM - Getting cancer perspective.
I have often claimed that my cancer was the worst and best thing that ever happened to me. Worst because chemotherapy is such a terrible thing to endure.

Best because of what happened to me in my cancer support group. On Wednesdays I would attend group. Every member told what happened to them during the past week. I listened to my fellow group members as they told of the agony of their treatment, the pain, the sickness from the chemo. And of course, every so often death visited group. Then there was a funeral to attend. Four of my group members died during 2002.

I joined group in February, 2002, and retired in May, 2003. During that time everything changed for me. I entered group a defeated person and left as Tioga George.

One day as I was at group listening to others talk, I was looking out the window opposite me. There are trees out there, and it is a beautiful scene compared to was going on inside group. Suddenly it came to my what I wanted to do. In that instant, Tioga George was born. I determined right then, to live every single second of my life to its fullest.

And that is exactly what has happened.

11AM - MsTioga in the Pueblo of San Bruno.
This morning around 9AM, MsTioga and The Team headed south and left our wonderful Hill Camp. It is a gorgeous day for traveling. And as usual, we did not travel too far.

We have never stopped in the Pueblo of San Bruno before. We saw an interesting dirt road and followed it for a little bit. We came to a grand home, and went over to talk to the owner.

We met Julian, who buys and sells land. Julian gave MsTioga permission to Camp for nite. Pretty neat, huh?
MsTioga in San Bruno.

If you click on the map link below, you may see where MsTioga is Camped, OK?

1PM - Nap and lunch.
Jorge took a nice nap, and says that he will be napping much more than ever before from now on. It is good to nap, don't you think? Good for good health!

After the nap, it is time for lunch! We have some left-over tuna salad. A nice vegetable salad was prepared, and the tuna salad plunked into the middle.
Tuna salad lunch.

2PM - Los chivos.
There is a pen across the road with a bunch of chivos [goats]. A lady came to tend to the chivos. Jorge and Little Mavicito went over to say, "Hi!" Upon introductions, we learned the lady's name is Araya. The chivos like alfalfa better than corn, according to Araya.
Araya tends the chivos!

A chivito [baby goat].

3:30PM - Las Chamacas play with the chivos.
A bunch of chamacas [girl kids] came to play with the chivos. Jorge and Little Mavicito went over to talk with them. They are all from different families, and all live here on the rancho. They go to school nearby, and are all in one class.
Girl kids.

6:30PM - Sounds & view past Sundown.
I am eating supper. Another wonderful meal of shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic with chicken rice and refried beans on the side.

Outside the sun has set, and the silhouetted mountains and sky are gorgeous. I hear the sound of children playing, a dog barking, voices from the nearby single house. The soft sound of traffic from the distant highway. A pickup passes MsTioga, and heads behind the house.

It is far too much for me to handle. I am just plain overwhelmed!
View past sundown.

No Google map link today.

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