Monday, February 12, 2007

5AM - Completely hooked up all the time.
If you would like to Camp like MsTioga camps, you must be "hooked up" everywhere that you go. There are three things that make all the difference. In order of our priorities, these things are:
  • Internet connection.
  • Solar Electric power.
  • Leveling system.
Our Datastorm system hooks us up to the internet, everywhere that we travel. No phone connection is required. No Wi-Fi connection required. Only a clear view without obstruction to the Space Station Satellite. That's all. We have never had one instance of being unable to get online since we began vagabonding in 2003 [due to not being able to see the satellite].

If you are wondering about getting a Datastorm system for your RV, we recommend that you talk to Datastorm dealer, Steve O'Boesky. Click here to take you to our Datastorm page. There you will find out about why we believe that Steve O'Boesky is the best dealer to get your Datastorm, OK?

Note: We will be posting later in the day our recommendations for Solar Electric Power and a Leveling System for your RV.

8AM - Brake work postponed.
The plan this morning, was to go to a mechanic that we know here in Loreto, and have MsTioga's brakes checked. The brakes are OK, but sometime soon the rear brakes will need new shoes.

When 8AM came and went and nobody arrived at the shop, we decided to postpone this brake work which not critical.

9AM - Loreto Bay National Park.
We are Morning Camped in a large pull-out above the gorgeous Loreto Bay National Park. This is an almost mystical place right now. The waters are soooooo calm and the greyish mountains across the water in the distance so very beautiful.
Loreto Bay National Park.

12 Noon - Giant RV on a Man chassis.
Yesterday morning when I was just about to pullout of the beach at Requeson, a giant RV built on a Man chassis lumbered into the campground.

The husband and wife who live in this huge 4WD camper, have been all over the world. Even hot spots as Syria and Sudan! Recently they drove up thru South America, thru Central America and used the ferry to cross over to Baja California.

Wow! This camper can go just about anywhere!

Camper on a Man chassis.

3:30PM - Carrosaria El Cardon in Ciudad ConstituciĆ³n.
We met Gilberto, owner of El Cardon. A carrosaria is a body shop. MsTioga is going to have some of her accidents repaired. Also some other stuff too.

After talking with Gilberto for awhile, he said that his experience is in only repairs, and much of the work that we want done is fiberglass stuff. He suggested that we go to Jose's Fiberglass Shop whose owner is a man experienced in the work we want done.
El Cardon in Ciudad ConstituciĆ³n.

Gilberto looking at MsTioga's ding.

MsTioga followed Gilberto to Jose's Fiberglass Shop on the east side of town. Jose and I made an appointment for 10AM tomorrow morning. He will do some work that we want done, to see how we like it.
Jose the fiberglass guy.


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