Tuesday, February 06, 2007

5AM - Jumping to conclusions.
I have received several dozen email from readers, including one from a well-meaning relative indicating that I did NOT take all of my medication that was prescribed by Doctor Orozco when I went to see him on January 16th.

I actually took all of that medication, and it made me dreadfully ill. The more of that medication that I took, the worse that I got. Finally, I finished all of that terrible drug. But by then I had lost confidence in Doctor Orozco, because the drug that he prescribed did me more harm than good.

When I returned to Doctor Orozco's office last Friday, I showed him his prescription, and what the pharmacy actually sold to me. As Doctor Orozco read the changed medication, he shook his head and angrily said over and over, "No, no, no, no!!"

Doctor Orozco told me that this prescription change was a terrible mistake. He had wished that I had returned to his office when I could not find the exact medication.

In retrospect, I now see that this prescription error came very close to killing me. I did not understand that I had pneumonia when I visited Dr. Orozco on January 16th. He diagnosed me with a bad bronchial infection. Pneumonia is a bad bronchial infection. But since I did not hear the word "pneumonia", I did not make the connection to my illness.

If I had not returned last Friday to seek further medical care from Doctor Orozco, I would not be writing this post to you today. I would be dead. A victim of a prescription error. Over this past weekend, without hospital care, the pneumonia would have made me a corpse. You might now be reading about my death, instead of reading about what actually happened.

Jumping to conclusions! I am often guilty of that same thing myself.

7AM - Doctor Leonel Orozco.
I have an appointment with Doctor Orozco at the Hospital de Salud Popular. The doctor said that he would be there early. Also, I wanted to show the page about my three days as a patient that I had published to the staff at the hospital.

When I tried to take my computer to the nurses station, I was stopped by a director who was unreachable! So I was not able to show the story to the nurses. What a shame!

I waited until 8:30AM, and when the doctor did not arrive, decided to try and see him later in the day.
View from the hospital.

9AM - Panaderia Bechichas.
Somewhere in Colonia Nopales north of Hill Camp, is this marvelous bakery. Doctor Moises told me about it yesterday. MsTioga and I went looking for Bechichas but we could not find it. We came to an intersection where two ladies were talking, and asked them for directions.

When MsTioga tried to start her engine, her starter would not turn over! It sounded as though the starter had shorted out. In a few minutes, Mario a mechanic who has a shop along the highway came by and offered his services, which of course were accepted. The starter was quickly removed and disassembled. The two bronze bushings had worn out causing the armature to short out to the field.

Note: The church where MsTioga is parked is the very old "Iglesia de San Jose", located in Colonia Nopalera north of Hill Camp.
MsTioga where her starter broke.

Mario took the starter to his shop to fix it, and The Team waited with MsTioga. In a couple of hours Mario returned and installed the now repaired starter. We paid $55US for the repair.
Mario the mechanic.

Disassembled starter.

1PM - Rodolfo the miner.
We went to Doctor Orozco's office, and made an appointment to see him at 6:15PM. That gave us the afternoon to go visit with our friend, Roberto the miner.

Do you remember last January when we visited with Rodolfo at his home? That was such a trip! Rodolfo has such great stories to tell and things to show from the old days. This afternoon we spent about three hours talking about those old times with Rodolfo.

Did you know that Chito is a very good friend of Rodolfo's? I want to return with Chito soon and visit with Rodolfo again!
My friend Rodolfo.

6:30PM - Consulting with Doctor Leonel Orozco.
Doctor Leonel went over the three medications prescribed for by Dr. Jose in the hospital. Dr. Leonel is very thorough, and explains what each medication is doing, and evaluating the dosage prescribed.

He talked with me about the pharmacy mistake, and suggested that instead of being concerned about the mistake, that I should learn from it and not be so ready to take the advice of the pharmacy people. And that instead next time, simply return to his office and ask advice.

I was given an examination, and Dr. Orozco told me that I no longer have pneumonia, and am not contagious anymore!

He further explained that I should be a lot more careful at my age about exposing myself to the weather, because such exposure could reduce my body's defenses and bring all sorts of problems including recurrence of Hodgkins [cancer]. To get lots of rest, and do everything in moderation.
Dr. Leonel Orozco.

8:30PM - Camarones al Mojo de Ajo.
I had defrosted shrimp this morning in order to prepare Camarones al Mojo de Ajo [shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic]. I love stuff sauteed in garlic-butter. Shrimp takes a lot of cleaning, however. Fish is much easier, don't you think?
Camarones al mojo de ajo.


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