Saturday, February 17, 2007

5AM - Removing MsTioga's air conditioner.
In order to take out the air conditioner, the electrical connections must first be separated. Then, the bolts that secure the air conditioner are removed.

10AM - Air conditioner is gone!
Jose, Salvadore and Jorge worked together to lower the air condtioner to the ground. Now there is a big hole in the ceiling where the a/c used to be!

We see the sky thru the a/c hole!

MsTioga has decided to give her air condtioner to Jose as a gift!

11AM - Mr. Datastorm is moving to the ground.
In the pic below, Jorge is taking out the screws holding Mr. Datastorm to MsTioga's roof. Do you see the plywood panel covering the air condtioning hole?
Removing Datastorm antenna.

2PM - Jose and Salvadore working on the panga.
You may remember that the work on MsTioga's fiberglass job is on hold while a 30 year old panga [fishing boat] is being reconditioned. Jose will be working on MsTioga again this coming Monday.

In the pic below, do you see Mr. Datastorm sitting upside down on MsTioga's roof?
Panga being reconditioned.

3PM - Readers concerned about MsTioga's fiberglass job.
Much email has been received from readers who are concerned about MsTioga's fiberglass job. Readers believe that the fiberglass will crack, as we drive on mountain roads and MsTioga's frame twists under these conditions.

Jorge has taken time to meet with a boat builder here in Ciudad ConstituciĆ³n. And of course we have talked about this fiberglass cracking subject a great deal with Jose Romero, owner of the fiberglass shop where our work is being done.

Both men assured me that pangas used for fishing take a huge pounding on windy seas, much more severe than I would encounter on mountain roads. And, that these pangas do not crack.

Sundown - Jose and Salvadore work into the night.
The customer who owns the panga being painted, has been promised a finished boat Sunday. I do not believe that the work will be done until Monday. But Jose and Salvadore are giving it everything they have!

As the daylight turned into darkness, MsTioga loaned her trouble light so that the painting could continue. The men painted two hours passed Sundown!

In the pic below, the men fill the paint sprayer as the Sun sets behind them.
Painting passed sundown.


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