Thursday, February 15, 2007

5AM - Replacing MsTioga's fresh water pump.
Remember yesterday the story that we published about our missing cell phone? That story told about MsTioga's fresh water pump losing its seal. This morning seemed like a good time to change out that water pump.

The sound of the pump is soooooo quiet compared to the old pump!

8:30AM - Light work day at Jose's Fiberglass Shop.
When MsTioga arrived at the Fiberglass Shop this morning, Jose told us that he had a panga [fishing boat] to complete by Sunday. Salvador would be working by himself on MsTioga's fiberglass job. Jose promised to supervise him.
Jose's Fiberglass Shop from MsTioga's roof.

Jose working on the rush panga.

10AM to 5PM - Jorge preparing MsTioga's roof.
Jorge continued working on MsTioga's roof today. Almost all of the molding is removed. The molding removal is slow work. The screws that secure the molding are buried in sealant. The sticky stuff needs to be removed in order to take out the screws.

Tomorrow the major pieces of equipment on MsTioga's roof will begin to come down. Everything must be removed in order to layup the new fiberglass roof. The solar panels, Mr. Datastorm, the airconditioner, the ladder.

In the pic below, Jorge is removing the molding. Do you see the buildings in the distance? These buildings are CERESO, a large jail.
Jorge working on the rear molding.

4PM - Salvador sanding the cabover.
Salvador has been working on finishing MsTioga's cabover fiberglass. In the pic below, Salvador applies bondo to the cabover and then sands to put a nice round corner.
Salvador applying bondo and sanding.

The pic below shows the nice fiberglass round over corner that replaced the terrible molding that allowed rain to enter MsTioga's walls.
Fiberglass ready for a nice paint job.


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