Sunday, February 25, 2007

6AM - The beauty of fiberglass, Part #1!
This morning it came to me that I no longer have to do ANYMORE caulking on MsTioga's roof. Wow! No more Eternabond too.

In the pic below, I am cleaning all of the caulking and Eternabond from the flange of my Dometic refrigerator roof vent. This vent has 32-holes in the flange, which are required to make a good caulk seal in order to prevent rain water passing by this vent. I had to clean 16 year old caulking from each of these 32-holes AND the Eternabond that I had used to seal up this vent. Tough job!
Cleaning caulking for the last time!

This morning after this vent is cleaned, I will fasten it to MsTioga's new fiberglass roof with only about 8-screws. Jose the fiberglass guy will fiberglass the flange to the roof, sealing it perfectly. No more caulking, no more Eternabond. No rain will ever pass by this vent again!

7AM - The beauty of fiberglass, Part #2.
There are always dings that happen to RVs. Perhaps I will drive too close to a rock in the desert, and hear that terrible crunch sound once more! However, with a fiberglass RV home, all that needs to be done is grind away the crunch. Then apply the fiberglass. Sand it. Apply Bondo. Sand it. Then repaint!

I plan to become my own fiberglass guy, and do repairs myself!

830AM to 3:30PM - MsTioga's roof gets painted.
This morning, Jose will paint MsTioga's new fiberglass roof with a brilliant white marine quality paint. This paint selection is based on Jose's 15-year experience as a successful fiberglass boat rebuilder.
In order to prepare the roof for this paint job, I had some work to do:
  • Mount a base for the Datastorm antenna.
  • Place a junction box for the cables that go from the roof to inside MsTioga.
  • Add blocks that will provide a base for the new tiltable solar panel mechanism.
  • Mount vents so that their flanges may be fiberglassed.
The pics below tell the story:
Datastorm base and junction box.

Solar panel tilt mechanism mounting blocks.

Work requires a BIG breakfast!

Jose fiberglasses a roof vent.

Jose begins the painting.

Painted roof from 2nd story of Internet Cafe.


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