Thursday, February 01, 2007

7AM - Jorge is sick [again].
Apparently cleaning up and burning the rubbish in the rain yesterday, was not a good idea. I don't have a fever. But I feel weak and sleepy. I was making steady progress with my bronchitis. This seems to be a set-back.

This morning at 9AM, Efrain the guy from the water company is coming over to Hill Camp. The plan is to follow him to San Luciano, to see his ranchito [little ranch]. But I don't know about that now. I just want to sleep.

9AM - Michel and his 4WD RV!
Our dear friend Michel the Photographer is in Riverside, California at the FUSO SANTEK plant. Right at this moment, his 4WD RV is under construction! What better person to document with pics this exciting event!

Click HERE to take a peek, OK?

1PM - Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping....
All I feel like doing is sleeping. And it is a gorgeous day outside too! Oh! I did clean out the right side of MsTioga's cabover cabinet!
Nice and clean!

4:30PM - Being sick in Mexico is not so bad!
Especially because Jorge is living inside the fabulous MsTioga, with all of her many conveniences.

Jorge just prepared chicken soup, all from scratch except for the noodles and Swanson Chicken Broth. Oy vey!
Chicken soup is sooooooo good!


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