Monday, February 26, 2007

7AM - Learning about being a fiberglass guy!
Does your RV have those screwed on clearance lights? Hmmmm? MsTioga has those screwed on lights too. However, Jorge has been learning by watching Jose the fiberglass guy. Jorge is making plans to be his own fiberglass guy!

Did you know that it is easy to make a mold, and create a fiberglass part? For example, we are planning to buy a nice clearance light, create a mold from this light, and added the fiberglass part from this mold to be a "built-in" clearance light.

Everybody on The Team is sooooooo excited about this bulit-in clearance light light project!

3PM - Jose adds fiberglass to MsTioga's left side.
It is very difficult for Jose to make all of his customers happy. He received one new job yesterday, and another job [a BIG one] today. We understand his dilemma, and although we want our work done, realize the problems Jose faces with scheduling.

Yesterday after painting MsTioga's roof, Jose promised to work on the left corner this afternoon. The pics below show this work.
Jorge watches Jose add fiberglass to left side.

Fiberglass added to corner.

MsTioga has a design flaw that allows her right and left rear bottom panels to sometimes touch the ground. Of course this damage is hard to repair. In the pic below, Jose adds fiberglass to the rear bottom which Jorge has altered to reduce contact with the ground..

Jorge has removed a little over an inch of the bottom panel. This panel used to have a sharp corner, and now has a curved corner. In the pic below, Jose is fiberglassing this once badly damaged panel.
Jose fiberglasses the formerly troublesome rear panel.

4PM - Wiring the solar panels.
The tilting solar panel assembly is finished, and tomorrow the roof will be dry enough to return the solar and Datastorm.

In the pic below, Jorge is re-wiring the solar panels.
Panels are wired in parallel to deliver 12 volts.


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