Saturday, February 10, 2007

7AM - These Mexicans never quit.
Last nite around midnite I heard the sound of an engine. Somebody had got stuck out on the beach in the terrible sand trap on the spit of land at the end of the lagoon. When I went out there to try and help I found three men in a Telmex truck [phone company]. This crew is out to do some work at the Port Captain's Office.

The pic below was taken yesterday afternoon, and shows the spit of land at the left where the truck was stuck.
Where truck got stuck.

They were stuck really bad. However, as bad as it was, the three guys kept trying to move that truck. When I woke up at 6AM this morning, I could still hear them trying. I went over to talk to them.

By now the group of three had swelled to eight men. All of them were laughing and joking. One said that they were closer to Japan now!

I returned to MsTioga to make some hot chocolate. Then I heard some yelling and shouting. Somehow these eight men who would never quit, pushed that stuck truck out of the sand hole and onto the hard road. But now the truck was on the wrong side of the terrible sand trap.

I watched as the truck made a wide U-turn and began to try to go back over the sand trap to get completely free.
I figured the truck to get bogged down again, but it kept going, and going. Over the spit of land with the sand trap it went. Going, going! And then it was free!

I believe that the people of Mexico are like these eight men. They never give up. They remind me of the American pioneers. Of the people of the Great Depression. Of the GIs of World War Two.

I went over to talk to these men who would never quit. They were now calling themselves "The Grua" [the tow truck].
The Grua!

12 Noon - Camped on an overlook of the Bay of Concepción.
Before we left Mulege, MsTioga got a can of brown spray paint that she needed. I shopped in the grocery for fruits and vegetables. A nice lady homeowner let us fill MsTioga's water tank.

Twenty six miles down the road, we came to an overlook of the Bay of Concepción. We are Day Camped here, and may make this our Nite Camp.
Bay of Concepción from MsTioga's roof.

4PM - MsTioga's Great Cookie Idea!
I have not made a batch of cookies for a long time. I'm very committed to getting my waistline down to 32" where it used to be a long time ago.

This afternoon, I was talking over this dilemma with MsTioga. "I love cookies so much, that I do not trust myself around them. Once I eat one cookie, I eat a bunch more! That's why I don't bake cookies much anymore", I told MsTioga.

MsTioga's wise face began to smile, as only MsTioga is able to smile. "Why don't you make a batch of cookies, and freeze all but six of them into cookie balls?", said MsTioga.

And that is exactly what I did. Also, I vowed to MsTioga only to eat three of the cookies today!
Cookie balls ready for freezing.

Six cookies only, fresh out of the oven.

5:30PM - Headed down to Requeson Beach.
We broke our Camp to take a peek at Requeson Beach. We could see the beach with binoculars, and there are a bunch of RVs there. The plan is to look around, and then go back onto the highway and look for a Nite Camp.

When we got to the beach, we made introductions with a man named Francisco who works here for the owner. We asked if it would be OK to stay overnite near the fishermen shacks [away from the campground] and he said it would be OK. It only cost $6US to stay in the camping area.
MsTioga at Requeson for FREE!

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