Monday, February 19, 2007

7AM - Missing cell phone found but where is it?
Upon going to pay my T-Mobil cell phone bill, I found that my cell phone was being used by somebody else! Wow!

How my cell phone disappeared from MsTioga's bedroom dresser, I have no idea. The cell phone was not being used in Mexico [too expensive]. I never remove the cell phone from MsTioga!?

Note: My cell phone account was cancelled on February 17th after I went to pay my bill and found charges for calls that I did not make. The total amount of calls made by somebody else is over $1,400!! Incredible!

I have made a copy of the phone numbers called, so that possibly whoever made these calls may be found.

1PM - MsTioga's new roof!
As you may know, MsTioga is getting a fiberglass job which includes a new roof. All of the things on MsTioga's roof must be removed before the new roof is installed. Jorge has been working hard for the past three days to get everything off the roof.

Tomorrow morning, the fiberglass roof install begins. All that remains to be taken off the roof now are four vents. In the pic below, Jorge is removing one of those vents.
Roof vent being removed.

5PM - Jose finishes a panga.
Jose has been working on a panga [small boat used for fishing]. The panga is promised for delivery today. The work on the panga prevented Jose from working on MsTioga's fiberglass job.

In the pic below, Jose stands next to the near-complete panga restoration job. This panga is over 30 years old!
Panga restoration.

6PM - Calcomania.
Jose told us today about a company called Calcomania. This company makes signs for trucks and cars. A friend of Jose's owns Calcomania.

Did you know that all three of MsTioga's cabover windows are being removed? MsTioga wants her "Tioga" sign on the front of her cabover to be twice the size as the sign is now!

We are sooooooo happy to learn about Calcomania!

Note: MsTioga's wonderful "Tiro Williams Mine" mural will be protected and remain. Several readers have wondered about what would happen to this mural when MsTioga is painted.


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