Tuesday, February 13, 2007

10AM - Jose's Fiberglass shop.
MsTioga has arrived at Jose's Fiberglass Shop. Here MsTioga will have her several dings repaired. But MUCH more than that will be done here.

MsTioga was built with aluminum molding on her outside corners. This molding has a plastic cover strip. You may have seen these on some RVs. This molding allows moisture from rain to enter MsTioga's walls.

All of this molding is going to be removed, and replaced with permanent fiberglass corners. Fiberglass will prevent moisture from entering MsTioga's exterior walls. And, it will be beautiful as well!

11AM - Fiberglass job begins.
Salvdore works for Jose. In the pic below, Salavador cleans up the corner where the fiberglass is to be applied. I removed the origingal molding earlier.

After the clean up, a grinder was used to put a bevel on the corner.
Cleaning up for the fiberglass.

In this pic, Salvador is cleaning up the joint between the two adjoining fiberglass panels. Originally, a plastic strip was glued over the joint. This plastic will be replaced by fiberglass.
Sanding it down.

Here is what the corner and side panel look like just before fiberglass is applied.
Cleaned up and waiting for fiberglass.

Below, Jose is applying the fiberglass over the joint. The joint originally had plastic molding covering it.
Jose putting on the fiberglass.

1PM to 5PM - Repairing the cabover fiberglass.
Do you remember when I installed a new floor in MsTioga's cabover? That new floor was installed on a mountain in the State of Washington.

In the pic below, you may see the plywood blocks that I installed during the replacement floor installation. This new floor was required, because when MsTioga was built, the electric wire hole holes for the cabover clearance lights were left open. These holes were supposed to be sealed. As a result, over time, water seaped into the cabover during rain. This rainwater destroyed the chipwood panel that Fleetwood used for a floor.
MsTioga's fiberglass pulled back showing the repairs.

The description above is very short. A ton of work went into what you see in the above pic.
Salvador, Jose and Jorge just before quitting time.


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